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Applies to versions: 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6

QuickBooks Integration - Setup QuickBooks

Before running the QuickBooks® Integration for the first time, you need to setup QuickBooks and TimeIPS. This article discusses the QuickBook settings that need to be adjusted prior to the integration.

NOTE: The instructions provided below are based on the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions v3.0. These steps and their location within your series and version of QuickBooks may vary slightly. If you are unable to locate the option in your QuickBooks version, please refer to your version's Help guide.

Open your QuickBooks company file.

  1. Setup Employee Information.
  2. Go to the Lists menu - Employee List option.

    The Employee List Screen

    1. Verify that employee's First Name, Middle Name/Middle Initial, and Last Name match exactly (letter for letter including punctuation and capitalization) between QuickBooks and TimeIPS.
      NOTE: QuickBooks stores up to 5 characters of the middle name. You can set the number of characters TimeIPS should use during the integration. If the employee's middle name in QuickBooks and the shortened middle name in TimeIPS do not match, the integration will fail. Therefore, be sure to enter the middle names identically in both programs and indicate the number of characters TimeIPS should use during the integration when setting up TimeIPS.

      EXAMPLE: Johnathon Alexander Smith is an employee. His name is entered as Johnathon Alexa Smith in Quickbooks because QuickBooks will store only the first 5 characters. In TimeIPS, the entire middle name can be entered as long as the QuickBooks export is set to shorten the middle name to 5 characters.

      NOTE: To edit an employee's name in QuickBooks, double-click on the name in the Employee List. Select "Personal Info" in the pull-down and click on the "Personal Tab". See the Edit Employee screen shot below.

      NOTE: You can view and edit employees' names from the Employee Administration table view (Administration - Employee Management - Employees). Go to Display Options and move the First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name fields to the "Displayed Columns" then click on the Display button. Compare spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Click on the name to edit it.

    2. Use Time Data to Create Paychecks.
      From the Employee List, double-click on the employee's name.
      • Select Payroll & Compensation in the pull-down.

      • Check the Use Time Data to Create Paychecks checkbox.
        TIP: TimeIPS can automatically select this option for you during the integration. See "SETUP TIMEIPS step 3" for more information.

  3. Setup QuickBooks Company options.
  4. In QuickBooks, go to the Edit menu - Preferences option. Click on the Company Preferences tab.

    1. Note how employee's names are listed in QuickBooks.
      Click on the Payroll & Employees icon.

      • Note whether the Display Employee List by is set to First Name or Last Name.

      NOTE: For TimeIPS versions prior to 1.3, the "Display Employee list by" must be set to "First Name" for a successful integration. Subsequent versions allow users to define the employee name format.

    2. Turn Time Tracking on.
      Click on the Time Tracking icon.

      • Select Yes in the Do You Track Time radio button.

    3. Setup and write down your Payroll Items.
      Go to the Lists menu - Payroll Item List.

      The Payroll Item List Screen

      • For each TimeIPS Payroll Type, setup QuickBooks payroll items for the following TimeIPS pay types: standardtime, vacation, overtime, holiday, doubletime, and sick.
        NOTE: Right-click and choose New to create a new Payroll Item. You can name each pay type however you wish. You will enter the exact QuickBook Payroll Item name into TimeIPS's Export Type Settings when Setting up TimeIPS.

    4. Determine the path of your QuickBook's Company File.
      Close down QuickBooks by going to the File menu - Close Company option, then open the Company file again.
      Go to the File menu - Open Previous Company option and write down the file path.

      • Write down the path exactly as it is listed. You will enter this in the QuickBooks Company File Path when Setting up TimeIPS.
        NOTE: The file name ends with ".QBW" though the extension may not display in the Open Previous Company list. You must include this extension when you enter the file name in TimeIPS.

You are now ready to Setup TimeIPS. Use the "See Also" links below to learn more.

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