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Applies to versions: 1.3, 1.4

Manual Payroll Export Settings

The Manual Payroll Export generates a csv file which can be opened in your spreadsheet program that includes payroll events for the selected payroll period.

See Payroll Export for more information on Running Payroll.

  • If Yes is selected in the Include column headers pull-down, the export file will include column headers indicating labels for each column of data.

  • The export file displays the hours worked per employee for each pay rate (standard time, overtime, and double-time) for the pay period. If Yes is selected in the Summarize each employee's work hours pull-down, one record per employee per pay rate displays. Otherwise, the export file displays one record per employee per pay rate per day in the payroll period.

  • The Line Terminator pull-down is used to indicate the end of a line in a text file. Most spreadsheet programs will interpret any line terminator option so you should not need to adjust this setting. The pull-down options refer to the following: CRLF = Carriage Return and Line Feed, LF stands for line feed, and CR = Carriage Return.

  • The Delimiter is used to separate fields in a text file. By definition, Comma Separated Value (CSV) files use a comma to separate values so you should not need to adjust this setting.

  • Click on the Update Settings button to save the changes.

  • See Also:
    Exporting Payroll (1.3, 1.4)

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