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Applies to versions: 1.4

ADP Payroll Export Settings (PC Payroll)

The ADP Payroll Export (PC Payroll) generates a file that can be imported into the ADP Payroll application which includes payroll events for the selected payroll period.

See Payroll Export for more information on Running Payroll.

The following export settings should be defined prior to running your ADP export:

The generated ADP export file is named as follows:

"EPI" + Company Code + Batch Sequence Number + ".cvs"
EXAMPLE: If your Company code is A839 and your Batch Sequence Number is 3, the generated file will be named "EPIA8393.csv".

The following is an example of TimeIPS's ADP export file opened in a spreadsheet application using the export settings defined above:

All of the employees in the above example have 40 standardtime hours. Most have 20 overtime hours and between 0 and 3.29 doubletime hours.

The following columns are present in the exported file, from left to right:

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