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Applies to versions: 1.4

TimeIPS What's New - Version 1.4

TimeIPS is a continually developed product with new features and enhancements available on a regular basis. Below is an overview of the features and enhancements in TimeIPS 1.4.x.


TIP: The features and enhancements included in the most recent release of TimeIPS are indicated throughout the knowledge base with the icon.


NOTE: Features that may require an additional module or hardware device are indicated with the icon.


A New update system has been implemented to expedite automatic upgrades. If you are not currently on version 1.1 or greater, you can upgrade to these newest series with an active update account by going to Administration -> System Administration -> Updates and click on the Update Now button. Make sure that Automatic Updates checkbox is checked and you will receive regular automatic updates in the new 1.1+ series.

IMPORTANT:  The final release of this version (1.4.14) was made in 2008. This version of TimeIPS is now obsolete and is no longer supported.  Please contact TimeIPS if you need assistance upgrading from this version.

New Features in TimeIPS version 1.4


  • Added ability to run time reports for all employees belonging to a specific site.
  • Added customizable refresh timer for the Remote Clock screen.
  • Added additional permissions for Site Managers that allow them to Group Clock site employees, assign employees to a site upon creation of a new employee record and the ability to enter employee benefit usage.
  • The Time Report (HTML) and Extended Job Report (export) now identify the Site Name when employees clock in/out of a site via telephone or remote clocking.
  • Added new time rounding option, Visible Minute, that rounds all clocks down to the minute currently shown on the clock, removing seconds.
  • Enhanced site display filters on the Employee Status View screen to recognize employees who clocked into a site via telephone or remote clocking.
  • Augmented employee benefit export to include hire date, employment status, months tenure, and total hours worked (both YTD and overall).
  • Managers can now select specific jobs when group clocking employees.
  • Added ability to support badge mapping functions when remote clocking.
  • Employees can now use their badge number for remote clocking.
  • Added option to use a one-button interface for remote clocking.
  • The My Schedule page now shows work schedules and time snaps (advanced schedules) for yourself, your employees, and your employee's employees.
  • Added option to automatically create employees in Quickbooks when importing payroll data.
  • Added options to include telephone and remote clocking when tracking site coverage.
  • Added new function that gives employees the option to automatically refresh the Employee Status View screen every two minutes.
  • Added ability to customize the Remote Clocking screen with special fields that can be required when employees clock in and/or out.
  • Added new payroll export to accommodate Creative Solutions payroll software.
  • Added new End of Week Mailer special report that gives managers the ability to re-send the end-of-week report to selected employees for any week.
  • Added new selection options and the ability for employees to set status messages in the Employee Status View.
  • Augmented Sign-Off Report to allow for additional formatting and printing options (including PDF) and the ability to display benefits used.


Improvements in TimeIPS version 1.4


  • Added work order support functionality to allow clocking in/out of same job in order to add/change job notes.
  • Improved performance of automatic lunch deductions in conjunction with jobs.
  • Improved application of permissions for the manager of a Site Manager.
  • Adjusted time rounding for improved performance when an employee has future clock events.
  • Added ability to delete custom remote clock fields which have not yet been utilized.
  • Adjusted Sign-off Report for improved time display on days when benefits are used.
  • Improved QuickBooks import warning function when an employee is not found.
  • Expanded audit function in Time Reports to provide enhanced auditing details.
  • Usernames enhanced to support up to 12 characters and passwords up to 32 characters.
  • Enhanced display of site employee lists.
  • Improved logging of VOIP clock notes for telephone clocking.
  • Accrual values can now be up to 10 digits in length.
  • Added ability to duplicate alternate employee numbers for customers who run multiple payroll exports.
  • Added ability to make custom fields required, hidden or optional when changing jobs via remote clocking.
  • Added ability to exclude or include released employees' hours on the Sign-off Report (excluded by default).
  • Added ability to add future clock events while employees are currently clocked in.
  • Added real-time updating to the clock display on the remote clocking page.
  • Improved ability for managers to copy schedules between employees.
  • Added employee import from Quickbooks v15.0 to TimeIPS.
  • Adjusted display of custom employee schedule settings for time snaps and time rounding.
  • Modified benefits import for improved performance.
  • Renamed Schedule tab in Site Administration to Coverage.
  • Renamed schedule Helper tab in Employee Administration to Copy.
  • Augmented Quickbooks import to include employee middle initials.
  • Adjusted application of manually applied holidays to preclude released employees.
  • Modified application of time inserts for improved editing.
  • Clock-outs that occur in the future are allowed if the clock-in is also in the future due to time-rounding or time snaps.
  • Adjusted ADP payroll export for improved handling of overtime hours.
  • Improved consistency of clock note exporting on the Extended Report.
  • Added ability to import ethnicity in Employee Management.
  • Enhanced employee import to prevent overwriting of missing fields.
  • Inactive badge numbers can be reassigned to other employees.
  • My Settings now has additional option to view 20 employees per page.
  • Adjusted Site Management display and filter options in Internet Explorer for improved presentation.
  • Added warning to alert users when an employee's alternate employee number is not set-up or is not the correct length for RapidPay payroll exports.
  • Adjusted Employee Status View so that employees who are assigned to more than one site will only appear on the site list where they are currently clocked-in.
  • Modified ADP export file for improved performance.
  • Modified Quickbooks Payroll export behavior to ensure payroll settings have been configured prior to export.
  • Client names can now support foreign language characters.
  • Adjusted Site Manager permissions for improved site management.
  • Modified RapidPay export file for improved performance.
  • Improved behavior of JavaScript lists in Internet Explorer.
  • Improved IPSVOIP error handling when input is invalid.
  • Improved performance of manual payroll export.
  • Adjusted execution of overtime alert intervals.
  • Adjusted employee name format for the Payroll Export Preview/Review option.
  • Increased length of the Alternate Employee Number to accommodate more characters.
  • Increased default overtime limit notification to 15 minutes.
  • Adjusted legend text for Web Access Logs.
  • Improved Payroll Administrator permissions related to telephone clocking and relay controls.
  • Adjusted relay rule behavior upon deletion.
  • Improved application of accruals for employees with custom accrual settings.
  • Adjusted application of holiday hours on Time Report.
  • Improved date range handling on Time Report and Extended Report during Daylight Saving Time.
  • Added bar graphs to Job Summary reports for augmented visual overview.
  • Enhanced Manager permissions for overtime alert settings.
  • Adjusted percentage calculations on Job Summary Report.
  • Modified file naming process when exporting Paychex9 data.
  • Enhanced processing of badge numbers in Telephone Clocking.
  • Improved manager permissions in Special Reports.
  • Additional name formatting options for select payroll exports, including Quickbooks Integration by lastname or firstname first.
  • Added new overtime e-mail alert option that allows employees to specify the desired interval between each overtime alert notification.
  • Added additional network settings to Initial Setup page.
  • Enhanced support for URLs in the configuration field for a client pointing to a Master TimeIPS System.
  • Improved identification of editable Employee Administration fields for Managers.
  • Benefit usage interface upgraded to include ability to specify time of day.
  • Improved editing controls for custom benefit types.
  • Improved display of edited benefit usage.
  • Added warning for unsaved data on sites administration screen.
  • Improved consistency of employee name display on various screens and reports.
  • Adjusted holiday waiting period rules to better accommodate new hires.
  • Updated Job Import instructions.
  • Added department code field to department import/export function.
  • Sign-off Report now ignores clock times less than 60 seconds apart.
  • Adjusted benefit usage permissions so that managers can edit benefit usage for their employees.
  • Revised Summary by Job report to improve layout.
  • Improved Next and Previous date range options for Summary by Job report.
  • Enhanced Employee Badge Numbers to accommodate up to 64 alphanumeric characters.
  • Extended Paychex9 client codes to be alphanumeric.
  • Improved Employee Administration searches.
  • Increased the number of available time snaps to 8.
  • Improved display of IPSSCH schedule settings for individual employees.
  • Modified export function so that payroll exports may be done for a single employee.
  • Adjusted ADP Payroll Export so that benefit codes are only applied if there are corresponding benefit hours.
  • Improved warnings for manual insertion of time events.
  • Modified payroll export to better accommodate multiple payroll types.
  • Improved custom time snaps display consistency.
  • Adjusted time snaps to better accommodate anticipated decimal hours.
  • Improved Payroll Settings time zone display for custom or individual employee's work week day/time.
  • Improved Employee Administration column handling when using Internet Explorer.
  • Adjusted filter related to employees and job sites.
  • Upgraded handling of released employees on Status View.
  • New Web Access Logs allow administrators to view a list of the TimeIPS web pages accessed by employees in the last 30 days.
  • Improved Employee Administration page display and filtering functions.
  • Implemented tracking of users' IP addresses to improve security.
  • New Employee Status View that shows employee's current status (In or Out), the Job they are currently clocked in to, their last clock time, and notes.
  • New Department Administration table which accommodates department codes and allows easy movement of employees to different departments.
  • Clock location added to the Extended Employee/Job Report.
  • Options to hide the Pay Number and Shift Columns in the ADP Payroll Export.
  • Additional Payroll Export file types are now available.

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