Date printed: 03-19-2019   Last updated: 11-14-2006

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Applies to versions: 1.3, 1.4

Running Payroll Takes a Long Time or Page Expires

Note: This Applies to Versions 1.4 and below.
When payroll is run, TimeIPS totals active employee's time worked for the selected payroll period and identifies the hours as standard time, over time, or double time based on each employee's work week settings. To accommodate changes and corrections to previous clock times, all past unmarked payroll periods are also recalculated. If there are many unmarked past payroll periods, the calculation of payroll may take a long time, possibly even causing the page to expire before the process is complete.

To resolve this issue, follow the steps below.

  1. Mark previous payroll events as "Payrolled".
    1. Run the Preview-Review Payroll Export for a past payroll period for one payroll type.
    2. Click on the Mark Payroll Entries "Payrolled" >> button.

      The Payroll Report Page

      TIP: Click on a column header to sort the data by the information in that column.
    3. Check each box that has been payrolled or click on the Check All button to select all displayed events.
    4. Click on the Mark as Payrolled button to mark and "lock" each selected payroll event.
      NOTE: Any non-payrolled events for any other employees for that payroll period and payroll type will display. Repeat steps c and d to mark these events as payrolled.
    5. Click on the Previous button at the top left of the screen to preview the previous payroll period's events.
    6. Repeat steps c - e until all past payroll period's payroll events are marked as payrolled.

  2. Mark terminated employees as no longer employed.

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