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Applies to versions: 1.8, 1.9, 1.10

Setting Up Email Alerts for Employee's Clock times

TimeIPS can automatically send email alerts regarding employee's clock times to up to three email addresses per employee.

Security Level Required: Employee's Manager, Employee's Site Manager, Employee Administrator, or Payroll Administrator

Using the left pane Main Menu, click on: Administration » Employee Management » Employees



  1. On the Employee Administration screen, click on the employee's name to expand the employee's information. The employee's Personal tab will display.


  3. Click on the employee's Email tab.


    The Employee's Email Information Tab



  5. Enter the first email address which should receive the alerts for this employee.


  7. If this is the employee's email address and you wish the email address to display in the employee directory, click on the Default E-mail radio button. Otherwise, click on the No E-mail / Private E-mail radio button.


    NOTE: The e-mail address marked as the "Default E-mail" will always be considered that employee's e-mail. Therefore, that e-mail address will display as the employee's in the Employee Directory and e-mail alerts sent to that address will not include the employee's name.

  9. Check the types of alerts that should be sent to the corresponding e-mail address.



    • Check the Each Clock checkbox to e-mail a notification to the corresponding e-mail address each time the employee clocks in or out.


    • Check the Clock Errors checkbox to e-mail a notification to the corresponding e-mail address of every clock event error. A Clock Error occurs when an employee clocks in then back out, or vice versa, within 60 seconds.


    • Check the End of Week checkbox to e-mail the employee's weekly time report to the corresponding e-mail address.

      NOTE: The End of Week report includes a detail of clocks and time worked, End of Week Benefit status, and Hours Worked This Pay Period.


    • Check the Overtime checkbox to e-mail a notification to the corresponding address when the employee is approaching overtime based on their Scheduled Hours per Week and Overtime Limit.
      • The Overtime Limit is the number of minutes prior to overtime that Overtime alerts should be sent. The employee's Scheduled Hours per Week are defined in Administration » Payroll and Reports » Payroll Settings. The Payroll Integration with Benefits Tracking optional module is required to customize employee's work weeks and define custom overtime/doubletime rules. By default, employees go into overtime after 40 hours worked during the work week or 12 hours worked in a day.
      • The Overtime Alert Interval determines how often the overtime alert should be sent. The alerts will automatically stop when the employee either clocks out or goes into overtime.

    • Check Schedule Alert to e-mail a notification to the corresponding address when the employee deviates from his/her set schedule. The employee's schedule is set in the employee's Schedule tab in Employee Administration. The IPSIPS optional module is required to enter an employee's weekly work schedule.


    • Check the Show Errors checkbox if you would like the small LCD display to denote the clock event as a Schedule Error.


      TIP: You can copy an employee's email alert settings to other employee records using the Helper tab.


  10. Click on the negative sign next to the employee's name to collapse the record and save the changes.

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