Date printed: 02-17-2019   Last updated: 06-28-2007

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Mount the TimeIPS Station

NOTE: If you purchased multiple TimeIPS stations, one of the stations may be designated as a Master. The master is identified by the word "MASTER" on the Serial Number sticker on the bottom of the station and by the statement "This is your master station. Configure this system first" on the packing box label. The master station should be installed and configured first. If you have multiple TimeIPS stations and are not sure which station should be configured as the Master, please contact us at 877.846.3256 for assistance.

NOTE: The TimePS station can be mounted vertically or horizontally on the wall. The mounting brackets are pre-installed for a hidden mount, vertical orientation installation.

Visible/Hidden Mounts

The mounting brackets can be attached with the mounting star, visible or hidden, behind the case.

Wall Mounting

IMPORTANT: We recommend configuring the system before mounting to the wall.

  1. Choose Vertical or Horizontal orientation and measure/mark mounting locations on the wall.

  2. Push the anchors into the wall until the cutting blades penetrate the surface. Using firm forward pressure, rotate the anchor with a Phillips head screwdriver until the collar sets flush into the wall.

  3. Insert the screws and tighten until screw remains out about 1/4" from the wall surface.

  4. Hang the TimeIPS station.

  5. Wall Mount Orientation

    The station can be horizontally or vertically mounted with the included brackets.

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