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Network Considerations

Accessing TimeIPS

TimeIPS is an Ethernet TCP/IP appliance that is accessible through a web browser. During initial boot up, the TimeIPS station will obtain an IP address from your network (through the DHCP server) and report that IP address to you on the display. You then go to a computer on the same network, open your web browser (such as Internet Explorer or FireFox), and type in the given IP address in the address bar. The TimeIPS setup page will display with detailed instructions on initially configuring your TimeIPS station with basic company information and an initial "Administrative user." It will also allow you to set the TimeIPS station to a static IP address.

Be sure to write down the static IP address. You will access the TimeIPS Administrative pages by browsing to that IP addresses. You can bookmark the page for easy access to TimeIPS reports, employee information, and to run payroll. As well, employees can view the Company Directory, their Work History, and their weekly Schedule if access is provided.

Remote Access

Company employees and client TimeIPS stations in remote locations (such as a company facility 3 miles away or from a computer in a different state or country) can access the TimeIPS master station with permissions to the master's Local Area network (via VPN, Port Forwarding, or another LAN access method).

Networks without a DHCP Server or Connecting Directly to TimeIPS with a Computer/Laptop

If your network does not have a DHCP server or you are connecting TimeIPS directly with a computer or laptop, TimeIPS will obtain a default address in the 169.254.x.x range that you can navigate to through your web browser for initial configuration. Networks without a DCHP server can still connect to TimeIPS by temporarily changing your computer's IP address to a compatible range, (i.e., 169.254.x.x).

A standard RJ45 Ethernet network cable connects TimeIPS to your Ethernet network (via a patch cable) or directly to a computer (via a cross-over cable). In most single site installations, the TimeIPS Master station is stored locally and the time data is accessed on the Master station using a web browser from any computer on the local network. Employees use a web browser to access the data locally on the Master station, not on the Internet.

Is a Computer Required?

Yes. A computer is required to initially configure TimeIPS, to add Employees, and to run reports. A computer is not required for employee's to clock in and out of TimeIPS.

Is the Internet Required?

No. Internet access is not required for employees to clock in and out of TimeIPS nor to access the administrative pages from the Local Area Network. Internet access is recommended as certain capabilities of TimeIPS do require access to the Internet, such as the use of e-mail notifications, sending automatic off-site backups, and to synchronize the time with an Internet-based time server.

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