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Add New Employees and Edit Existing Employee Information

TimeIPS recognizes employees by the employee identification number they type into the keypad or by the badge number they scan, swipe, or touch to the employee identification device. Employees can be added manually to TimeIPS or imported from a spreadsheet.

Clock In and Out of your TimeIPS Station
OR Remotely Clock In and Out from a Computer

Employees no longer need to write down their time or punch a paper time card. They simply clock in and out at the TimeIPS time clock station. Employees can clock in and out any number of times during a day. When an employee enters his/her Employee ID/Badge Number at the TimeIPS time station, TimeIPS recognizes the first clock event as a "clock in", the next as a "clock out", and so forth. The TimeIPS LCD display shows the employee's name, time, and "in" or "out" status. The speaker announces "IN" or "OUT".

Run Time Reports and Edit Employee Time, as necessary

TimeIPS is continuously calculating work hours in real time as employees clock in and out each day. Managers and the Payroll Administrator can view Time Reports at any time to see employee time ins and outs plus hours worked in real time. They can also edit employee clock ins and outs if they find any clock errors.

Estimated Time to Completion: 10 minutes to become familiar with running reports and editing time. Managers can correct employee clock in and out errors as needed to prevent correction requirements at the end of the payroll period.

NOTE: Remember that the time reports will not contain data until employees begin clocking in and out.

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Set up and Run Payroll

At any time between now and the first payroll period, the Payroll Administrator needs to set up Payroll to meet your company's needs. The Payroll Administrator can then run Payroll and mark it as "Payrolled".

  • Define Payroll Types
  • Employees are generally paid on a regular basis. The "payroll period" is the time frame (weekly, biweekly, monthly, or bimonthly) in which employees are paid. Some companies pay certain groups of employees on a different payroll period than other groups. TimeIPS uses Payroll Types to group employees with the same payroll period. Payroll is run once for each Payroll Type. Time Reports and Special Reports may be viewed by Payroll Type. Each TimeIPS system includes the default Payroll Type of "Direct". If all employees have the same payroll period, you can define the payroll period for the default Payroll Type then select the default Payroll Type for each employee in step 3.
    Estimated Time to Completion: 3 minutes per Payroll Type.

  • Set the Payroll Settings (Work Week, Overtime and Doubletime pay rules, and Scheduled Hours per Week for each Employee)
  • Run Payroll
  • Mark the Payroll Period as Payrolled using the Preview-Review Payroll Export.
  • Estimated Time to Completion: 10 minutes to setup Payroll and the Manual Payroll Export Settings. Gross pay is automatically calculated based on the entered employee pay settings and time worked in each pay type (standard time, overtime, double-time, etc). TimeIPS will automatically increase an employee's pay rate to overtime or double-time when an employee reaches maximum hours worked as defined for the employee's Pay Type. As long as employee's time reports are accurate, running the TimeIPS Payroll Export then locking payroll is a 5-10 minute process per Payroll Type each payroll period.

    Create Regular Backups

    TimeIPS offers three backup methods to protect your data: off-site backups, e-mailed backups, and manual backups.

    Review and implement additional time and money saving features:

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