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Applies to versions: 1.5

TimeIPS What's New - Version 1.5

TimeIPS is a continually developed product with new features and enhancements available on a regular basis. Below is an overview of the features and enhancements in TimeIPS 1.5.x.

TIP: The features and enhancements included in the most recent release of TimeIPS are indicated throughout the knowledge base with the icon.

NOTE: Features that may require an additional module or hardware device are indicated with the icon.

A New update system has been implemented to expedite automatic upgrades. If you are not currently on version 1.1 or greater, you can upgrade to these newest series with an active update account by going to Administration -> System Administration -> Updates and click on the Update Now button. Make sure that Automatic Updates checkbox is checked and you will receive regular automatic updates in the new 1.1+ series.

IMPORTANT:  The final release of this version (1.5.29) was made in 2008. This version of TimeIPS is now obsolete and is no longer supported.  Please contact TimeIPS if you need assistance upgrading from this version.


New Features in TimeIPS version 1.5


  • E-mails will now be generated if the employee is not clocked-in by their scheduled time, as designated on the employee's Schedule tab in Employee Administration.
  • Employee hourly rates, job rates, and individual employee job rates are now included on the Extended Employee Job Report.
  • Added integration with Hot Schedules web service (requires module).
  • Added ability to edit client locations when editing clock events.
  • Schedule Groups now include functions to automatically clock into or change jobs at specific times, support for default jobs, and the ability to create rules for minimum breaks.
  • Enhanced payroll export functionality to include special pop-up notices when a payroll administrator has a payroll pending.
  • Employees with Manager access, Job Managers, and their managers can now run the Extended Employee Job Report.
  • Added FTP upload as an alternative backup option.
  • Enhanced employee management Display Options to make numerous additional employee information fields available for display, edits, or reporting purposes.
  • Added automatic clock-in/clock-out functionality for definable groups or individual employees through Schedule Groups.
  • New payroll engine with support for payroll groups and workweek rules, enhanced overtime/double-time calculation options and more flexible work weeks.
  • Added new option that allows benefit hours to count toward overtime.
  • Developed IPSEPI module to include Custom payroll export that allows users to generate comma-separated value and fixed-length files with defined column labels, mapped field values, field padding and field length limitations, as well as columns with definable Excel functions. Also includes built-in mappable presets for additional payroll software programs, such as MAS90 and Time+Plus.


    • Improved the Enhanced Payroll Integration (IPSEPI) module to support payroll exports for Peachtree and Ceridian Insync.
    • Added payroll export history that shows export settings (“presets”), date range and employee names contained in each payroll file/integration.
    • Added ability to map custom values for the Peachtree payroll export (requires IPSEPI module).
    • Added ability to specify file extensions in custom payroll presets.
    • Custom payroll export users can now save and load individual presets to/from their own computer.
    • Enhanced Custom payroll export to include controls for sorting precedence and the ability to generate a variety of subtotal calculations.
    • Enhanced Custom payroll export to include advanced formatting functions to column formulas and subtotals.
    • Enhanced Custom payroll export to add drag-and-drop functionality for column re-ordering. Also added new icons that allow users to quickly add/copy columns or move columns to the top/bottom.

  • Added QuickBooks payroll integration function that checks “entity existence” (payroll items, employees, customers, jobs, classes and service items) before export and warns when they are not found. Also includes the option to create new employees in QuickBooks on import.
  • QuickBooks payroll export now includes the ability to include the usage of custom benefit types, such as bereavement, jury duty, paid time off, etc.
  • Added support for Paychex v.5 to payroll exports.
  • Enhanced Job Management to include designated job managers (with access to job-specific reports) and the ability to assign hourly rates, rate multipliers, rate differentials or defaults per job to accommodate job-based premiums and shift differential by specific jobs and/or employees.
    • Employees can now be assigned a default job that will be applied automatically whenever the employee clocks in without specifying a job code.
    • The default job assigned to an employee is now automatically selected when clocking employees via the Time Edit/Report and/or Group Clocking.
    • Enhanced QuickBooks payroll export to support job details for job-costing through QuickBooks.
  • Developed Import/Export Application Programming Interface (IPSIAPI) module that allows automated import and update of employee and job information and ID/badge mapping using custom scripts.
  • Developed Client Application Programming Interface (IPSCAPI) module that provides automated clocking, user log-in management and status/clock history requests using custom scripts.
  • Added a User Interface to configure basic dial-up networking for an internal or external modem attached to a TimeIPS system.


Improvements in TimeIPS version 1.5

  • Improve handling of holidays with duration set to 0 in sign-off report
  • Accommodate special characters in job names for QuickBooks integration
  • Add a text format option to the sign-off report
  • Improved logging for FTP backups
  • Attendance report includes open punches, with hours calculated to the current time
  • Added numerous reset-to-defaults options for specific areas of TimeIPS including payroll and accruals
  • Added options to selectively prune unused data from TimeIPS if no longer needed for historical tracking
  • Allow setting an employee back to a blank username, even if a valid username has been set
  • Added a Rate Payable column type to Custom Payroll Export. This shows the hourly rate to pay for a period of work after figuring all calculations including differentials, overtime, FLSA "regular rate," etc.
  • Improvements in custom schedule rules to allow no-snap option when group has snaps on
  • Added option to "use" benefits but set the duration to zero
  • Expanded the System Administration -> Modules/Upgrades page and added additional details
  • Increased responsiveness of benefits use page and added display of future benefits use in summary
  • Updated Tardy by schedule report to show benefits scheduled in the future
  • Added a new special report that shows employees with missing clock-outs based on expected weekday and weekend out-times
  • Added new report for site coverage violation history under site Coverage tab
  • Added new Clocked In tab to sites. Provides view of employees currently working on the site
  • Additional Quickbooks job mapping option
  • Added scroll bar to client configuration page when accessed from setup screen
  • Additional options in custom payroll to show paid duration end times in addition to start and duration
  • Added additional checks for validating uploaded signed ssl certificates
  • Easier-to-read formatting for Last Connected times in Client Configuration
  • Workweek DST auto-shift improvements
  • Support for outdated versions of IE (version 6 and prior) officially ended. Users not able to upgrade to IE 7 should use Firefox.
  • Email error-log page added to facilitate troubleshooting of incorrect email addresses, full mailboxes, etc.
  • New mapping options added to the Quickbooks Export for more flexible job tracking
  • Custom Payroll support for /n newlines in advanced formatting to allow multiple lines per clock event
  • Updated Timeplus payroll export format
  • Support for new special-purpose biometric authentication modes
  • Improved editing for granted benefit hours
  • Allow creation of multiple flex jobs with identical or blank codes
  • Added HH:MM and HH:MM:SS time format options to sign-off report
  • Improved benefits accruals "Accrue at beginning of interval" option
  • Added tab code support (\t) to custom payroll export headers
  • Enabled custom date selection for Audit Report
  • Added automatic resizing of employee badge photos to conserve sace and speed printing
  • On the Add Customer page, changed phone and address fields to be optional
  • Added handling for special situations that caused the sign-off report to include unnecessary blank pages
  • Updated Employee Helper to allow copying LCD or Large Display Schedule Settings
  • Manager can set start time and hours for display on LCD screen for managed employees
  • Added remote clocking option to "Log in again from status page." This will allow the remote clocking screen to accept another clock immediately, rather than showing as status page for a few seconds. Useful when using a barcode scanner for remote clocking.
  • Payroll and Employee managers can now create and delete company documents
  • Custom Payroll now supports tabs in the advanced formatting field with the \t code
  • Improved handling speed of employee benefit calculations
  • One-button mode on remote clocking accepts "Enter" instead of a click on additional browsers
  • Ability to edit and re-configure accrual group membership
  • Improved handling of employee import
  • Modified the "use benefits" section to allow better handling of multiple day usage
  • Improved the ability to import backups from prior versions.
  • Blank Clock notes in the extended employee job report no longer export with a "/" character.
  • Improvements in the time it takes to run benefit accruals.
  • Improved Sign off Report options with new date range selection options
  • Added the ability to edit/delete benefit effective dates
  • The sign off report now remembers settings from previous sessions.
  • Added ability to do lump sum benefits
  • Improvements to Sign off Report, including: Inactive employees no longer appear in reports and settings are held in browser making it easier to rerun a previous report
  • Numerous minor usability improvements
  • Added ability to the extended employee job report to show raw clock in and out time even with time rounding on. 
  • Added Excel compatibility to the employee import feature.
  • Added ability to map QuickBooks pay types with custom field names and separators.
  • Added ability to filter all special reports by department.
  • Added Payroll Type as an available column option for Custom payroll exports.
  • The Sign-off Report now identifies jobs with clock events and includes a summary of hours worked per job.
  • Added ability to hide or select the specific benefit data to include on End of Week reports.
  • Added options to send End of Week reports as HTML or text e-mails.
  • Inserting event pairs and/or editing the time on an employee's clock event will now truncate seconds from the clock in/out times.
  • Improved NTP server and time administration functionality.
  • Added function to prevent search engine crawling on TimeIPS systems.
  • Added ability to map employee's alternate ID number to Customer, Service Item, or Notes when importing to QuickBooks.
  • Enhanced custom payroll export for improved fixed length file production.
  • Improved feedback when making changes to Overtime Policies.

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