Date printed: 02-22-2018   Last updated: 06-11-2007

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Applies to versions: 1.5

Adding Accrual/Benefit Types

The TimeIPS Accruals feature can track accrual and usage of sick and vacation hours with the Payroll Integration with Benefits Tracking optional module. TimeIPS can also track accrual and usage of additional Accrual/Benefit Types, such as PTO and Doctor Visits, using the Advanced Benefits optional module.

Security Level Required: Payroll Administrator

Using the left pane Main Menu, click on: Administration » Benefits and Accruals » Accruals » Edit Profile button

The Edit Accrual Profiles Page

To Add an Accrual/Benefit Type

  1. Click on Add/Edit Accrual Types (see image above).

  2. Enter the Accrual Type Name and mark it as Paid (checked) or not paid (not checked).

    The Edit Accrual Types Screen

  3. Available in TimeIPS version 1.5.6 or higher, checkmark the box if use of this accrued benefit type Counts toward overtime and doubletime for employees who are eligible.
  4. Click on the Create button to save the new Accrual/Benefit type.

To Edit an Accrual/Benefit Type

  1. In the "Current Accrual Types" section, click on the Edit link corresponding to the Accrual/Benefit Type you wish to edit.
  2. Adjust the Accrual Type Name and Paid checkbox as necessary.
  3. Click on the Edit button to save the adjustments.

To Delete an Accrual/Benefit Type

NOTE: The Delete link will be available only if the Accrual/Benefit Type has not been applied to any employees.

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