Date printed: 03-19-2019   Last updated: 08-15-2007

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Applies to versions: 1.5

Tardy Report

The Tardy Report is a weekly report showing Tardy, On-Time and Absent employees. Tardy status is determined by setting a required arrival time.

Security Level Required: Manager, Employee Administrator, or Payroll Administrator

Using the left pane Main Menu, click on: Administration » Payroll and Reports » Special Reports » Tardy Report

The Special Reports Menu

  1. Select Tardy Report from the Special Reports menu. The selection window will open.

  2. Enter a day containing the week to view using the pull-down options.
  3. Enter the tardy time of day using the pull-down options.
    NOTE: The report will always begin with Monday and end with Sunday.
  4. Select groups and/or employees to include in the report from the Types, Departments, Sites, and/or Employees section.
    NOTE: Choosing from more than one area will display all associated employees. For instance, selecting "3rd Shift" from Types and "Accounting" from Departments will give you all employees that are in the 3rd Shift payroll type AND all employees that are in the Accounting department, not just all employees in the Accounting Department who also work 3rd Shift.

    TIP: Select a group of employees by clicking on their names while holding down the CTRL key.
  5. Click on the Run Report button.

  6. TIP: You can easily scroll through different weeks by using the Prev Week and Next Week links at the left and right of the date range.

    NOTE: To return to the Special Reports page and run the Tardy Report again, click on the Special Reports option on the left pane main menu then select the Tardy Report link.

    NOTE: Days when a benefit time was taken are indicated by name (i.e., "Sick", "Bereavement", etc.) on the day(s) when an employee used the benefit time.

    TIP: To ensure benefit usage appears on the Tardy Report, enter the benefit time to correspond with the employee's work schedule (i.e., the employee's work day begins at 8:00am, enter the benefit time to begin at 8:00am). The employee's work schedule is set up on their Schedule tab in Employee Administration.

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