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Applies to versions: 1.6

Trouble-shooting Holiday Hours

If you do not receive the results you expect regarding the application of the holiday hours, the following article will assist you in the configuration of your holidays.

  • Waiting Periods: If there is a Waiting Period for the holiday, verify the employee's Start Date in Administration » Employee Management » Employees. The holiday must occur after the employee's Start Date plus the waiting period.

    FOR EXAMPLE: September 3rd was a holiday and there is a 30 day waiting period. Any employee with a start date after to August 4th of that year will not qualify for the holiday pay.

  • Adjacent Days Required: If Adjacent day is set to Yes for the holiday, confirm that the employee worked the day before and the day after the holiday, excluding weekends.

    FOR EXAMPLE: Friday was a holiday and Adjacent Days is set to Yes. The employee must have worked or had benefit hours applied on Thursday and Monday to qualify for the holiday pay.

  • Qualifying Payroll Types: Holiday qualification is by Payroll Type. Any employee in a Payroll Type selected as a qualifying Payroll Type will be considered for the holiday pay.

    FOR EXAMPLE: The Hourly Payroll Type qualifies for the holiday. There are two part-time employees in the Hourly Payroll Type that do not qualify for holiday pay. They need to be moved into a new Payroll Type and that payroll type should not be selected as a qualifying payroll type for the holiday(s).

  • Automatic Recalculation and Application of Holiday Hours: Once holiday hours have been applied by TimeIPS, corrections to the holiday settings will not delete holiday hours already applied to employees. These will need to be manually deleted through the employee's Time Edit/Report. TimeIPS will apply hours based on new holiday settings to anyone who did not qualify for the hours based on the original settings.

    EXAMPLE: Lorna's Start Date was not set correctly in TimeIPS so she did not receive the holiday hours. Once her start date was corrected, the hours will apply and can be viewed in her Time Edit/Report after the “Update Holidays” button is clicked in the Holiday Administration page.

    EXAMPLE: TimeIPS applied 8 hours of holiday pay to Jim's account because Adjacent Days was set to No. He did not qualify for the holiday because he did not work the day before and after the holiday. Once the holiday setting was adjusted to indicate Adjacent Days were required, his 8 hours for the holiday will need to be manually deleted through the Time Edit/Report.

  • Handling Exceptions: If your company's holiday policy provides exceptions for holiday pay not tracked by TimeIPS, you can manually add or adjust holiday hours per employee through TimeIPS.

    EXAMPLE: John was hired 18 days before the holiday so he has not met the 90 day waiting period. However, prior to his employment, it was agreed that he would be paid for the upcoming holiday. Though TimeIPS will not apply the holiday according to the holiday settings, you can Manually enter the holiday hours for John.

    EXAMPLE: Lisa is the only part-time employee. Though she worked the day before and after the holiday and has met the waiting period, as a part-time employee, she should not receive the holiday pay. Instead of creating a new payroll type for her alone, you can manually adjust the holiday hours to zero once applied through her Time Edit/Report.

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