Date printed: 01-17-2019   Last updated: 06-30-2008

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Applies to versions: 1.6, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10

QuickBooks Integration - Setup TimeIPS

Before running the QuickBooks Integration for the first time, you will need to setup your TimeIPS QuickBooks Payroll Export Type Settings. These settings do not need to be adjusted each time your run the Integration unless changes are made to your QuickBooks Payroll Items or other settings.

Using the left pane Main Menu, click on: Administration » Payroll and Reports » Payroll Export


Step 1: Select Export Contents

Step 1: Select Export Contents


    Select a Payroll Type and Payroll Period for the date range you are working on from the drop-down boxes and click on the button labeled Prepare Payroll for Export. Next you should see the payroll calculation being scheduled


    NOTE: If necessary, it is possible to manually select your payroll time range and employees as well as change the export settings for payroll using the appropriately labeled tabs at the top of this page..


    Calculation Status


    Step 2: Choose an Export Format

    Step 2: Choose export format


    Select QuickBooks Integration from the drop down menu and then click on the button labeled Export Payroll Data

No preset defined


Click on Add Preset to begin setting up a preset for the QuickBooks export

The Payroll Export Page


  • If you have not done so already, download the TimeIPS QuickBooks Client.

    Payroll Export Settings


  • Change the QuickBooks Payroll Export Settings, as necessary.

  • Payroll Export Options


  • Change the QuickBooks Payroll Options, as necessary.

  • Payroll Items



  • Enter the corresponding QuickBooks Payroll Item codes exactly as they appear in QuickBooks.
  • NOTE: This MUST match exactly or QuickBooks will be unable to receive payroll data.

    Job Tracking



  • The QuickBooks integration can support certain job tracking functions with a properly configured QuickBooks.
  • NOTE: This MUST match exactly or QuickBooks will be unable to receive payroll data.
    NOTE: You must initially setup the QuickBooks Export Settings. Once complete, you do not need to change them each time you run payroll.
  • Click on the Save Settings button to save your changes.
  • You have now Setup QuickBooks and TimeIPS. You are ready to Run Payroll. Use the See Also link below to learn more.

    NOTE: TimeIPS doesn't push the pay rate information into QuickBooks.
    NOTE: TimeIPS doesn't push the Pay Type into QuickBooks. QuickBooks defaults this to an Hourly employee setting.
    NOTE: QuickBooks is picky about special characters.  Please DO NOT use symbols or special characters such as ! @ # $ % ^ & * ? , etc. in any field that will be exported.  For example, employee names, job names, employee or job code, customer name, or payroll items.

    Tracking piecework in QuickBooks in TimeIPS V 1.6 and Later

    Limited support for piecework tracking is provided for QuickBooks by exporting selectable fields as numeric quantities. QuickBooks can be given jobs with an hourly rate equal to the per-unit rate and will see each unit completed as 1 hour, resulting in the correct per-piece pay on QuickBooks paychecks.

    See the "Tracking piecework specific to a Customer:Job:" section of the QuickBooks KnowledgBase article 1002957 (appears to be unavailable as of 9/2010) for details on configuring QuickBooks for piecework

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