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Applies to versions: 1.6

Running a Time Report

You can view and export time and job reports from the Time Edit/Report feature. You can also edit an employee's time when viewing the time report through TimeIPS.


Security Level Required: Manager, Employee Administrator, or Payroll Administrator

Using the left pane Main Menu, click on: Administration » Payroll and Reports » Time Edit/Report


Time Report Screen

  1. Click on a date range icon at the top of the screen (Day, Week, Previous Week, Month, or Year).






  2. To enter a custom date range click inside the Start Date: box and a calendar will pop up. Click on the date you choose and it will populate the Start Date. You can also use your arrow keys to navigate through the calendar or manually type the date and then type the time in the space provided. When you have completed the Start Date:, simply repeat for the End Date: .

    TIP: The date range defaults to today's date if no range is selected.



  4. Select the Report type from the pull-down menu.

    NOTE: The Select Report section defaults to Time Report.


  6. (Optional) Select a specific Site.
    NOTE: Selecting a specific site and then clicking on "Filter" will limit the employee names shown under "Criteria" to only those employees who belong to the selected site.

    TIP: You can also display employees belonging to a specific site by choosing the site from the "Criteria" list. The difference between using the Filter button and choosing a site from the Criteria list is that the Filter button will display ONLY the selected site's employees on the Criteria list, whereas running the report without using the Filter button will display ALL employees in the Criteria section.


  8. Select the Criteria you want to display in your report.


  10. In the Select Format drop-down box, choose the desired display format (HTML or Spreadsheet).
    NOTE: The Select Format defaults to Web Page (HTML).

    WARNING: Clock In/Out corrections made in the Spreadsheet (.CSV) format will NOT be saved in TimeIPS master system. Corrections must be made using the HTML format.



  12. Click on the View Report button.

    Time Report summary for a group of employees

    NOTE: Managers can view and edit time reports only for the employees they manage. They can view but can not edit their own time report unless they also have Employee or Payroll Administrator access.



    TIP: If you select a group of employees, the employee's name and summary of hours worked will display. You can then view an individual employee's detailed Time Report by clicking on the employee's name or selecting the employee from the pull-down menu.


    Time Report for an employee


    NOTE: Any benefits used for the specified time range will display at the bottom of an individual employee's Time report when using the Payroll Integration with Benefits Tracking optional module.



    NOTE: The Web Page (HTML) format displays Time Worked as hours and minutes, rounded to the nearest minute. The Time Total is the sum of all hours, minutes, and seconds worked, rounded to the nearest minute.


    NOTE: The Spreadsheet (CSV) format exports Time Worked as decimal hours, rounded to the 5th decimal place. Minutes are converted to decimal hours by dividing the minutes worked by 60. For example, if John works 8 hours and 12 minutes, the time worked would export as 8.2 hours.


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