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Applies to versions: 1.6, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10

Manage Employee Selection Groups


Employee Selection Groups are special selection boxes that list individual Employees, Sites, Departments, Divisions etc. When used in TimeIPS, an Employee  Selection List is used to select a group of Employees. For example, selecting "All Employees" can be used to select all active employees, where choosing a specific department will select all the employees who work in that Department. TimeIPS is capable of advanced permissions and management. When a user selects "All Employees" for a Time Report, that user will only see the report for employees where permission allows them to be seen. Because large installations may have multiple employees with the exact same name, the Employee Selection Lists can be configured to display full names with middle initials, badge numbers, and alternate IDs to differentiate the users. This is a per-user setting, and can be found on "My Preferences."


  • To select groups and/or employees click on [Manage]




    NOTE: This screen will be green.



  • Select groups and/or employees to include in the report from the General, Departments, Sites, Active Employees, Etc. section.
    NOTE: Choosing from more than one area will display all associated employees. For instance, selecting "3rd Shift" from Types and "Accounting" from Departments will give you all employees that are in the 3rd Shift payroll type AND all employees that are in the Accounting department, not just all employees in the Accounting Department who also work 3rd Shift.

    TIP: Hold the Control key (or on Mac, the Command key) while clicking on entries in these lists to select more than one row, or to deselect a highlighted row.


  • To exclude certain groups and/or employees select the Exclude tab on the top of the box.




    NOTE: This screen will be red.



  • Select groups and/or employees to exclude in the report from the General, Departments, Sites, Active Employees, Etc. section.


  • To preview selected employees select Preview Employees in Group button.




  • Select Save Preset


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