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Applies to versions: 1.6

Job Management (1.6)

Job Management allows you to track time worked on specific jobs and projects. You can also assign jobs to customers and organize your jobs by assigning them to categories. The IPSIPS optional module is required.

This gives a brief description of the Jobs Module capabilities as of Version 1.6.


Job Customers gives you the ability to assign customers to specific jobs and connect multiple jobs/work orders to one customer.


Job Categories allows you to assign the same job to different categories.
Ex.: You have two categories (Widget and Gizmo) and one job (Assembly). You would specify whether it is Widget Assembly or Gizmo Assembly.


Work Orders organizes your jobs. You are able to track multiple jobs under one work order, track time spent on jobs, track the percentage completed, and generate reports. You are also able to specify start dates, due dates, and add notes.


With your basic job setup you can track employees' time spent on a specific tasks, pay rate, and give pay differentials. This also allows managers to generate reports per job instead of employee.

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