Date printed: 12-16-2018   Last updated: 09-26-2009

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Applies to versions: 1.8, 1.9, 1.10

IPSASH Advanced Schedules

The IPSASH Advanced Schedule module extends the IPSSCH schedule module to allow multiple complex rules with conditions, actions and repeat/date ranges.


The Advanced Schedule system allows creating one or more rules for a schedule group:

Rule Applies






Notes and Considerations

Advanced schedules allow automatic handling of a wide variety of situations and add great flexibility to the TimeIPS system. This same flexibility can make creating rules, conditions and actions challenging. Rules can be configured that are valid, but cause unexpected results, such as an action that makes another rule take an action causing the first rule to take an action again. This can create a "loop" where an employee is clocked in/out, changes jobs, uses benefit time, etc., over and over.

We recommend carefully testing and validating rules and/or consulting with TimeIPS technical support when creating and configuring your rules.

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