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Applies to versions: 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11

Payroll Export - MasterBuilder Integration

TimeIPS can directly transfer employees' time worked into MasterBuilder with the MasterBuilder integration feature available in the optional IPSEPI enhanced payroll integration module. The Integration should be done on the computer where MasterBuilder is installed and payroll is run. Four applications will be running during the integration: TimeIPS, MasterBuilder API and the TimeIPS MasterBuilder client, MasterBuilder.

Before running the integration, you will need to:

  • Configure MasterBuilder for API integration
  • Configure payroll export options in TimeIPS to match fields in MasterBuilder to fit the needs of your business
  • Install the TimeIPS MasterBuilder client on your computer running Master Builder
  1. Open the company you want to export time to in master builders.

  2. Open the MasterBuilder API. In windows go to: Start » All Programs » Sage MasterBuilder » Sage Master Builder API.
  3. Make sure you choose the correct drive Sage Master Builders is on.

  4. click the start button.
  5. Choose edit at the top of the Sage Master Builder API and choose security.
  6. Make sure everything is checked.
    Note: You will only need to make sure the security settings are correct the first time you do the integration.
  7. Close the security screen. You will need to leave the Sage Master Builder API running while you run the integration.

  8. Launch the TimeIPS master builder api. Leave this running during the export.
    Note: Downloading this program was a step during the configuration of TimeIPS for MasterBuilder.

    In TimeIPS using the left pane Main Menu, go to: Administration » Payroll » Payroll Export

  9. Choose the Manually Select Employees/Time for Export Tab.
  10. Set the Start Date: and End DateChoose the group of employees you want to export to MasterBuilder from the Employees to include in export drop down.
  11. Click on the Prepare Payroll for Export button. It will now say Data Calculation Scheduled.

  12. Choose Sage Masterbuilder from the drop down.
  13. Click on the Export Payroll Data button.

  14. Click on the Continue button. It will now say Data calculation Scheduled.

  15. Click on the Yes, send export to MasterBuilder.
    Note: Once you have finished this step the time included in the export will be locked and can no longer be adjusted in TimeIPS. If believe that any of the exported time is incorrect then select the cancel button.

    Note: Once you have finished the export you will be able to fine the employees time in MasterBuilder by going to menu 5-2-8 in MasterBuilders.

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