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Applies to versions: 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11

Benefits Request and Approval Module - Manager View

The Benefits Request and Approval Module allows for employee self-service for viewing benefits availability and requesting benefit time on-line through the My TimeIPS tab. Manager's are automatically notified and can approve or deny the request.

Permission: Payroll Management -> Benefits
Default Permission Group: Manager


  • Select Benefits -> Benefit Approvals

  • You will be taken to the Benefits Approvals screen where can see your employee's Pending Requests that are waiting for your approval or denial, the Reviewed Requests that you have already reviewed and also the Edit Options link where you can set up your notification options.

  • Initially, you will want to click on the "Edit Options" icon to set up your email notification options.


    Once you have entered the My Benefit Request and Approval Options screen, you will may choose from several options:
    • Send me an email for every benefit usage request my employees make  - This option will notify you of all of the new requests, deletions and edits for all of the employees that you directly manage at the instant they make the request.
    • Include employees managed by people I manage  - This option will notify you by email of every request, deletion and edit that every employee who falls under your hierarchy of management makes instantly when they make it.
    • Check for new benefit usage requests hourly, and send me a single email detailing new requests - This option will send you an hourly email detailing all new requests, edits and deletions for employees that you directly manage.
    • Include employees managed by people I manage  - This option will send you an hourly email detailing all new requests, edits and deletions for all employees that fall under your hierarchy of management.

  • You can also set up the email options for your employees by clicking the View Employee Options button at the bottom of the screen. You may choose to view and edit employee options by employee Type, Department, Sites, or individual Employees


  • Once you have entered the Employee's Request and Approval Options page, you have the option to set email notification to that employee when the benefit requests are reviewed, email notifications for working less than the scheduled day or week and then a final option for automatically denying or approving aging requests that are past a user-defined number of hours.

  • Additionally, there is also a Helper function to copy the same settings from one employee to another to make setup where parameters are identical easy and less time-consuming.

  • Email notifications for benefits approvals include the URL to review all of your pending requests, when and by whom the request(s) were made and the request notes (if any).

  • Once you have approved a benefits request, the request will show as approved to the employee in their My Benefits section of My TimeIPS® and will automatically be deducted from that benefit type in the Employee Benefit Report under Administration -> Benefits and Accruals - Benefits. (Requires Administrator security level for access.)
    NOTE: Benefits events may be edited up to the time that they are payrolled. After that time, they are permanent and any adjustment to the employee's benefits time will require a manual entry through the administration screens.

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