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Applies to versions: 1.9

TimeIPS What's New - Version 1.9

TimeIPS is continually developed and improved with new features and enhancements. Below is an overview of the newest features and enhancements available with TimeIPS Version 1.9.

TIP: The features and enhancements included in the most recent release of TimeIPS may be indicated with the icon.
NOTE: Features that may require an additional module or hardware device may be indicated with the icon.

Minor version updates to the major version of TimeIPS you are currently running (i.e. version 1.9) are always available. Simply make sure that Automatic Updates checkbox is checked and you will receive regular automatic minor version updates. In some cases, the latest minor version releases are rolled-out in phases. If you'd like to get a minor version update before your roll-out phase, please contact TimeIPS technical support.

New Features in TimeIPS version 1.9

  • Support for Group Piecework and Group Tips (via IPSPWT module).
  • New accrual options including hide/show permission and ability to earn benefits but not be able to use them until a waiting period is satisfied (requires IPSBEN module).
  • New periodic accrual adjustments for special grants, limits, caps, etc. in addition to standard accrual rules. (requires IPSBEN module).
  • New reminder/alert system to help employees and manages remember important dates, based on hours worked, days since hire, etc. (requires IPSEML module).
  • New salary-employee hours balancing system to help with payroll systems expecting 40 hours/week, inclusive of all work, holiday and benefits, when such employees do (or do not) clock their hours, and after edits are made to hours and/or benefits.

Improvements in TimeIPS version 1.9

  • Group piecework support allowing a total compensation for piecework (i.e. tips, group bonus, etc.) to be divided among a group of employees with optional requirement to prorate based on time worked in selected jobs and/or selected benefit types (requires IPSPWT module)
  • New accrual option to earn accruals but not be able to use them until a use-waiting-period has been satisfied (requires IPSBEN)
  • Periodic adjustments can be configured for Accruals to allow limits, grants, etc. on a schedule that's not tied to standard accrual earnings. (requires IPSBEN)
  • Added support for piecework and configurable pay codes per piecework to ADP payroll export.
  • New option to restrict remote clocking fields per job, and when remote clocking fields are selection lists, which options appear and in what order, per job.
  • New Visual Time report allows graphical view of worked time along with numerous other selectable items including schedules.
  • Added Schedule violation report that allows selecting visible violations to any or all points in the day.
  • Site IP address membership now has dynamic IP tracking option for use with remote clocking. This is useful when the remote computer is on DHCP and the IP address changes frequently.
  • New accruals option to specify an end date for tenure levels to allow multi-level accruals to decrease over time or completely cease when employees have more tenure.
  • Option to have a specific domain name/URL for a division without having the division be automatically selected at login. For multi-division systems, this allows the login page to always prompt for a division identifier, even when directly accessing the division's unique URL
  • Additional options for the type of pay for work on a holiday, including all benefit types. Allows special treatment and/or pay-codes for work done on a holiday, that's different from standardtime, overtime, etc.
  • Site import now allows setting the option to restrict or allow all jobs to be worked at the site
  • Email alerts now available for when timesheet approvals are revoked.
  • Holidays extended with per-holiday pay codes and improved settings system allowing configuration for division, holidays, holiday group or custom overrides.
  • New job option for minimum worked time.  If set, employees will always receive at least the specified time when working a job.  Useful for on-call work.
  • Enhanced IPSEML email module with new reminders/alerts and templates.  Configurable reminders for employee anniversary, birthday, hours worked thresholds, average hours/week variances, etc.
  • ADP payroll export option to limit salary employees to 40 hours.
  • When releasing an employee, a new pop-up checks for and warns if there are any future-dated benefit, work or piecework allocated to the employee.
  • New Benefits report provides quick view of accruals, use and available levels in a selected time range.
  • Option to warn when editing or inserting time that overlaps.
  • Special override pay-codes can be set per holiday.
  • A default shift can be configured that will automatically apply to new employees.
  • Multiple new options to configure the start date for calculating benefit accruals.
  • Shift Differentials include new qualifying range and percentage worked requirements.
  • Display of worked and remaining hours at the clock can be configured per employee.
  • Enhanced hours-balancing options for salary employees
  • For holidays with adjacent day requirements, a new configuration option per benefit type to determine if the benefit type satisfies the adjacent day rule.
  • New Clocked In Scheduled Hours directory page to show who's in and how many hours they have left according to their schedule.
  • Payroll code added to Job Categories
  • New mapping options for numerous fields in Peachtree payroll integration
  • New mapping and default options for Master Builder payroll integration
  • Improved help selector with two levels of detail for most pages
  • New Holiday remapping option to automatically move holidays that fall on weekends to weekdays
  • New option in Batch Time Entry to enter either hours per shift, or hours at an arbitrary start time.
  • New option in Custom Report/Payroll to average data when grouping rows
  • Improved web interface responsiveness on legacy servers (especially for IPS1xx and IPS2xx up to IPS250)

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