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Applies to versions: 1.10, 1.11


Job Management allows you to track time worked on specific jobs and projects. You can also assign jobs to customers and organize your jobs by assigning them to categories. The IPSIPS optional module is required.  The IPSJOB module provides additional options including unlimited numbers of jobs.

Using the left pane Main Menu, click on: Jobs » Jobs

Job Administration Screen

HINT: If you plan on assigning jobs to customers for billing purposes or to organize jobs by categories, set up the Job Categories and Job Customers first.


To Add a New Job

  1. Click on the Add New Job icon at the top of the page.
  2. The Add New Job screen will appear. 

    • (Required) Job Name: If a computer monitor is connected directly to your TimeIPS time station, the Long Name displays when employees clock in and out of a job. Long names must be unique within each job category. Maximum 24 characters.
    • (Required) Small Display Name: The job Short Name displays on the TimeIPS LCD display when employees clock, and on some reports. Maximum 14 characters.
    • (Optional) Category: Job categories can be used to help organize jobs. Set up the categories before entering jobs by using the Job Categories link from the Jobs menu in TimeIPS.
    • (Optional) Manager: If a manager is selected for a job, that employee can have the special ability to edit time events where an employee worked the job. For this to work, the employee must also have the Job Manager permission group, and within that group, the option to "Edit" must be selected for "Clock Events" for "Employees working on jobs you manage." Note that a job manager must still have the ability to view clock events for all employees that might work their job, as without view permission, the edit permission alone will not cause the employee to be visible.
    • (Optional) Copy: If you select an existing job from this list and press "Create Job", a new job will be created with the settings from the copied job.
    • (Required for Validated jobs) Job Code: A Job Code can be 1-12 alpha-numeric characters in length. Each Job Code must be unique. Employees clock in and out of jobs using the this job code. The employee will enter the job code from the TimeIPS numeric keypad, from an alpha-numeric computer keyboard connected to TimeIPS (PS2 or USB), or with a barcode scanner when clocking in/out of jobs.
      NOTE: The TimeIPS 8150 Series Barcode Reader requires a minimum of 4 characters. The TimeIPS LS4000 Series Barcode Reader will read 1-12 characters.
      NOTE: Job Codes can include numbers, capital and lower case letters, and dashes. Job Codes are case sensitive.
    • (Optional) Description: Enter a description of the job for reference, if desired.
  3. Click on the Create Job button to add your new job.


To Enter Job Details or Edit an Existing Job


General Tab

Billing Tab

Employee Rates Tab

Each job can be assigned specific pay rates per employee.

EXAMPLE: In the image below, we can see that two employees have different pay rates, set by job, and their pay rates can be different for the same job on two different contracts.

Employees Tab

Each job can be assigned specific set of employees.  The job can be restricted to the member employees by changing the "Allow job for" option to "Only These Employees."

Coverage Tab

Each job can be assigned coverage rules.  If the number of employees clocked into the job violate the rules, email alerts can be sent and the violations can be viewed with the "View Violation History" button.

Jobs Coverage Tab

Clocked In Tab

Each job provides a quick view of employees clocked into the job.

Jobs Clocked In Tab

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