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Applies to versions: 1.11

TimeIPS What's New - Version 1.11

TimeIPS is continually developed and improved with new features and enhancements. Below is an overview of the newest features and enhancements available with TimeIPS Version 1.11.

TIP: The features and enhancements included in the most recent release of TimeIPS may be indicated with the icon.
NOTE: Features that may require an additional module or hardware device may be indicated with the icon.

Minor version updates to the major version of TimeIPS you are currently running (i.e. version 1.11) are always available. Simply make sure that Automatic Updates checkbox is checked and you will receive regular automatic minor version updates. In some cases, the latest minor version releases are rolled-out in phases. If you'd like to get a minor version update before your roll-out phase, please contact TimeIPS technical support.

New Features in TimeIPS version 1.11

  • Support for external resource links 
  • Desktop clocking application 
  • Direct xls, pdf and html with formatting in custom reports and payroll
  • Multiple customizable remote clock whitelists
  • Performance improvements in payroll, custom reporting and timesheet approvals
  • New fast-mode for timesheet approvals without overtime calculation

Improvements in TimeIPS version 1.11

  • Significantly improved control over differentials, rate multipliers, and hourly rates for special Job, Holiday, Shift, and Event overrides.
  • Improved employee selector on Group Clock allows a manager to quickly select dynamic groups of employees. 
  • Work Order imports will now create Customers on the fly. 
  • Work Order imports can key off values other than work order name which allows for use of multiple work orders with the same name. 
  • Clocks can be configured to allow any job with any Work Order. 
  • A new option can be configured per Division to automatically term inactive employees after a set number of days.
  • Additional columns added to the Employee Administration page to allow for easily reporting employee Workweek Group membership.
  • Improved controls when adding new employees require managers to select the appropriate Workweek Group.
  • Support for authenticating through LDAP when using remote clocking. 
  • Division option to define that clocking in on a day with no schedule is a schedule violation.  
  • Support for LDAP login mode with SSL 
  • Support for direct xls, pdf and html, including formatting (colors, fonts, merged cells, etc.) to custom reports and custom payroll exports
  • Ability to export Schedule Violations Report to an xls file
  • Quickbooks integration has new easy-networking mode for when Quickbooks computer is behind a firewall
  • Add ability to import Job Tracking Fields
  • On Timesheet approvals, show standard time and overtime separately in summary mode
  • Add options for "self" and "my manager" to the employee selection groups to improve flexibility
  • Add selection areas for Default Job and Default Department to employee selection groups
  • Quickbooks payroll items can be constructed via expressions to accommodate complex job tracking, pay per job, etc.
  • Support for external resource links 
  • Desktop clocking application with advanced offline mode and biometrics option 
  • Improved Clocking API for external integration
  • Multiple remote clock whitelists
  • Performance improvements in payroll, custom reporting and timesheet approvals
  • New fast-mode for timesheet approvals without overtime calculation
  • New custom parameters can be defined per custom payroll/report preset. These allow convenient control of the report per run.
  • New per company/division option to prevent "remember-me" on login page for improved security on shared computers.
  • Additional options in permissions allow improved control over benefit events and time event audit information
  • VOIP telephone clocking can now specify departments. 
  • Improvements to Automatic Reports allows for more exact scheduling 
  • New ability to set employee custom fields when running a custom report.  Allows tracking events or time ranges that have been exported and/or setting one-time flags for special situations.
  • Extended conditions and actions in Advanced Scheduling with support for expressions
  • New handling for reclassification of break time in schedule groups (requires IPSSCH).
  • Improved management of automatic holidays

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