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Applies to versions: 1.11, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 3.0

Peachtree Export Settings

TimeIPS Payroll Export can generate a file with your payroll data. Using the IPSEPI Enhanced Payroll Integration module, the file can be imported in your Peachtree payroll application.



Using the left pane Main Menu » Administration, click on: Payroll » Payroll Export






Prepare Payroll for Export

First, choose to generate the report by Payroll Type or Manually select employees and a range of time.


    Payroll Type

  1. Under Export Type, select Payroll Type to generate the report. (See "Manual" below for specifics on that option.) 
  2. Select a Payroll Type. All employees (including released employees) that are currently in the selected Payroll Type will be included in the prepared payroll data.
  3. Select the Payroll Period from the drop-down boxes.
  4. Select a Time Zone. The start and end time of the export can be interpreted in the company's timezone or separately for each employee.
  5. Click the Prepare Payroll for Export button.




  1. Under Export Type, select Manual to generate the report. (See "Payroll Type" above for specifics on that option.) 
  2. Select an employee or group of employees to include in the export.
  3. Manually select a range of time for this report, or use the quick selection drop down box.
  4. Select a Time Zone. The start and end time of the export can be interpreted in the company's timezone or separately for each employee. 
  5. Click the Prepare Payroll for Export button.

    Next you should see the payroll calculation being scheduled.






Export Payroll

After the payroll data is prepared for export, the Pending Export window will open.

  1. Select PeachTree Complete Accounting from the drop down menu.
  2. Next click on the button labelled Export Payroll Data.
  3. NOTE:: Editing of time events is locked during payroll processing to avoid having another user make changes via the Time/Edit Report that would not be reflected properly in the current payroll run.



If you have not already created a PeachTree preset, you will see the following screen.

Click the Add Preset button to begin setup.

NOTE: A Preset is a set of stored settings that are used each time a payroll file is generated. If your settings change from one group of employees to another, you may create multiple presets and select the preset that applies for the group you are exporting at the time.



The preset window will appear.



  • Once your preset has been configured, click on Save Settings to save, or Cancel to exit without saving.


    1. On the next screen be sure that your new preset is the one selected in the Export Settings Preset drop down menu.
    2. Optionally, you can add a comment to the export making it unique and easily identifiable.
    3. Click Continue.


      Next you should see the payroll calculation being scheduled.




    Payroll Export Data - Final Step



      For immediate assistance with any of the above payroll exports,
      call our Customer Support staff at 877-846-3256.




    Setting up Peachtree

    NOTE: You must have pay rates in Peachtree for each type of pay (example: overtime, standard, vacation). Without them, you will get an error during the import about the pay type. Peachtree only supports 40 hours for salary employees so TimeIPS will only export standard time for employees marked salaried.


    Step 1: Setting Employees to use Time Tickets

  • From the Maintain menu, select Maintain Employees/Sales Reps. Peachtree displays the Maintain Employees Sales Reps window.
  • Select the Pay Info tab.
  • Enter or select the employee ID. To display a list of existing employees, type ? in this field, or select the Lookup button.
  • Select Hourly-Time Ticket Hours from the Pay Method list.
  • Verify or enter appropriate pay rates for each hourly pay level.
  • select the Save button.

    Step 2: Creating a Default Activity Item for Payroll

    NOTE: If you already have an Activity Item for payroll you can skip this step.
  • Select Inventory Items from the Maintain menu.
  • Enter a unique item ID for the activity item.
  • Select either Activity item as the item class.
  • Enter a short description of the activity item.
  • Enter the Stocking U/M, Item Type, and Location for the item.
  • The default G/L income account is displayed. If this is not correct, you can change the account to something more appropriate for this particular item.
  • Select the Item Tax Type code (this determines whether or not the item is exempt from taxes).
  • select the Save button.

    Step 3: Creating an Import Template

  • Select Import/Export from the File menu.
  • On The Fields Tab only have the following marked to Show.
  • Select the Options Tab.
  • Put a check mark in the First Row Contains Headings box under Import Options.
  • Under Import/Export File click on the arrow and choose the location where you plan on saving your Peachtree export file from TimeIPS.
  • Click on the Save button and name the Settings TimeIPS.

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