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Applies to versions: 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 3.0

MasterBuilder Integration - Setup MasterBuilder

TimeIPS can directly transfer employees' time worked into MasterBuilder with the MasterBuilder integration feature available in the optional IPSEPI enhanced payroll integration module. The Integration should be done on the computer where MasterBuilder is installed and payroll is run. Four applications will be running during the integration: TimeIPS, MasterBuilder API, the TimeIPS MasterBuilder client, and MasterBuilder.



1-Time Setup





Configure MasterBuilder

  1. Open the company you want to export time to.
  2. Double-click Security Groups (menu 7-3-1)
  3. Type api as a new group name, give it a unique group number, and type Yes in the Save/delete field.
    NOTE: You can type Yes or No in the other fields.

  4. Choose Save from the file menu to save your changes and close the Security Group window.
  5. Double-click User List (menu 7-3-2)
  6. Type TimeIPS as the user name and as the password, and then select api as the Group 1 for the user.
    NOTE: You can use a name other than "TimeIPS", that is simply the default name TimeIPS has selected.

  7. Choose Save from the file menu to save your changes and close the User List window.
  8. Highlight Jobs (menu 3-5) and press F7 on your keyboard. Place a checkmark next to api checkbox then press ok.

    NOTE: You will need to follow this step for the following menus.
    • Jobs (menu 3-5)
    • Employee list (menu 5-1-1)
    • Payroll check register (menu 5-1-2)
    • Employees (menu 5-2-1)
    • Payroll records (menu 5-2-2)
    • Post payroll to GL (menu 5-2-6 )
    • Compensation slip (menu 5-2-7)
    • Timecard Journal (menu 5-2-8)
    • Daily payroll entry (menu 5-5-1)
    • Daily job reports (menu 5-5-2)
    • Daily labor report (menu 5-5-3)
    • Daily equipment report (menu 5-5-4)
    • Cost codes (menu 6-5)
    • Work orders (menu 11-2)

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