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MasterBuilder Integration - Payroll Export

TimeIPS can directly transfer employees' time worked into MasterBuilder with the MasterBuilder integration feature available in the optional IPSEPI enhanced payroll integration module. The Integration should be done on the computer where MasterBuilder is installed and payroll is run. Four applications will be running during the integration: TimeIPS, MasterBuilder API, the TimeIPS MasterBuilder client, and MasterBuilder.



1-Time Setup





Run Payroll Integration

  • Open MasterBuilder
  • Launch MasterBuilder API
  • Launch the TimeIPS MasterBuilder Client on your computer running MasterBuilder.
  • Prepare and Export Payroll from TimeIPS





Launch MasterBuilder API

  1. Open the Company you want to export time to in MasterBuilder.

  2. Open the MasterBuilder API. In windows go to: Start » All Programs » Sage MasterBuilder » Sage MasterBuilder API.
  3. Make sure you choose the correct drive Sage Master Builders is on.

  4. click the start button.
  5. Choose edit at the top of the Sage Master Builder API and choose security.
  6. Make sure everything is checked.
    Note: You will only need to make sure the security settings are correct the first time you do the integration.
  7. Close the security screen. You will need to leave the Sage Master Builder API running while you run the integration.

  8. Launch the TimeIPS master builder api. Leave this running during the export.
    Note: Downloading this program was a step during the configuration of TimeIPS for MasterBuilder.






Prepare Payroll for Export

First, choose to generate the report by Payroll Type or Manually select employees and a range of time.


    Payroll Type

  1. Under Export Type, select Payroll Type to generate the report. (See "Manual" below for specifics on that option.)
  2. Select a Payroll Type. All employees (including released employees) that are currently in the selected Payroll Type will be included in the prepared payroll data.
  3. Select the Payroll Period from the drop-down boxes.
  4. Select a Time Zone. The start and end time of the export can be interpreted in the company's timezone or separately for each employee.
  5. Click the Prepare Payroll for Export button.




  1. Under Export Type, select Manual to generate the report. (See "Payroll Type" above for specifics on that option.) 
  2. Select an employee or group of employees to include in the export.
  3. Manually select a range of time for this report, or use the quick selection drop down box.
  4. Select a Time Zone. The start and end time of the export can be interpreted in the company's timezone or separately for each employee. 
  5. Click the Prepare Payroll for Export button.

    Next you should see the payroll calculation being scheduled.






Export Payroll


After the payroll data is prepared for export, the Pending Export window will open.

  1. Select Sage MasterBuilder from the drop down menu. The Manual payroll export offers a basic comma separated values file that can be opened in a spreadsheet program such as Open Office Calc or Microsoft Excel.
  2. Next click on the button labelled Export Payroll Data.
  3. NOTE: Editing of time events is locked during payroll processing to avoid having another user make changes via the Time/Edit Report that would not be reflected properly in the current payroll run.



If you have not already created a MasterBuilder preset, you will see the following screen.

Follow the instructions laid out in the Configure Payroll Export options Preset section of the MasterBuilder Integration - TimeIPS Setup article.




  • On the next screen be sure that your new preset is the one selected in the Export Settings Preset drop down menu.
    • Optionally, you can add a comment to the export making it unique and easily identifiable.
  • Click Continue.


    Next you should see the payroll calculation being scheduled.




    Payroll Export Data - Final Step

    • If you are confident that the information contained in this export is correct and wish to permanently lock the payroll period, click the button labelled Yes, send export to MasterBuilder otherwise choose Cancel. Locking the payroll period prevents future modifications of any kind.
      NOTE: If you choose "Cancel", the export will be listed as "Pending" and further changes can be made to the data. Pending exports can be exported again to other payroll output formats as often as you like until they have been accepted/locked.
      If you choose "Yes, send export to MasterBuilder", the payroll status will show "Exported". Exported payroll runs are locked and time can no longer be edited in the system for that period of time.


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