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Applies to versions: 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 3.0

Benefits Request and Approval - Manager View

Managers are automatically notified when employees submit a Benefit Request. Benefit Approvals allows managers to view Pending Requests as well as approve or deny them.


Required Modules:  

  1. Benefits Request and Approval (IPSAPP)

  2. And either Payroll Integration with Benefits Tracking (IPSQBI) or Advanced Benefits Tracking (IPSBEN).



Using the left pane Main Menu » Administration, click on: Benefits » Benefit Approvals

The Benefit Approvals page is broken up into three sections: Display Options, Pending Requests, and Reviewed Requests. In addition, there are links at the top of the page to Edit Options and view the Benefits Calendar.




Display Options


Benefits Log




Pending Requests

The Pending Requests section lists all the benefit requests that are waiting for your approval or denial. Each request shows when it was requested, when it will be used, who it is for, what type of benefit (and subclass, if applicable), and how much time is requested. The additional information is provided to help approvers understand how their approval will affect the employees benefit hours. You also have the ability to edit the Pending Request details.


NOTE: Once you have approved a benefits request, the request will show as approved to the employee in their My Benefit Requests section of My TimeIPS® and will automatically be deducted from that benefit type in the Employee Benefits Report under Administration -> Benefits Report.





Reviewed Requests

The Reviewed Requests section lists all the benefit requests that have received approval or denial. Each request shows the approval status, when the benefit will be used, who it is for, what type of benefit it is (and subclass, if applicable), how much time is requested, how much time is approved, who reviewed it, and the date it was reviewed. 

Benefits Log

Benefits Log


Requests listed in the Reviewed section, can still receive an approval change.

Benefits Log


NOTE: Benefit events may be edited up to the time that they are payrolled. After that time, they are permanent and any adjustment to the employee's benefits time will require a manual entry through the administration screens.




Email Notification Options

Initially, you will want to click on the Edit Options icon at the top of the page, to set up your email notification options.


This will take you to the My Benefit Request and Approval Options screen where the following options are available:


Under the My Employees' Benefit Request and Approval Options section, you can also set up the email options for your employees.


Once you have entered the Employee's Request and Approval Options page, you have the option to:


TIP: There is a Helper function (at the very bottom of the page) to copy the same settings from one employee to another to make setup where parameters are identical, easy and less time-consuming.






To View the Benefits Calendar

Click on the Benefits Calendar icon at the top of the Benefit Approvals page.


Display Options

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