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Applies to versions: 2.0

Expression Variables for Custom Report / Custom Payroll Export

Variables available for expressions in "Columns" tab

usersID Employee's internal ID number (use with utcdate function to format time into the Employee's time zone)
nameFirst Employee's first name
nameMid Employee's middle name
nameLast Employee's last name
HID Employee's badge number
empNum Employee's Alternate number
mgrNameFirst Employee's manger's first name
mgrNameMid Employee's manager's middle name
mgrNameLast Employee's manager's last name
isActive Is the employee active as of the time the report was ran? 1 = active, 0 = Inactive, eligible for rehire, -1 = Inactive, not eligible for rehire
addr1 Employee's Address line 1
addr2 Employee's Address line 2
city Employee's city
state Employee's state
zip Employee's zip code
phoneExt Employee's phone extension
homePhone Employee's home phone
cellPhone Employee's cell phone
startDate Employee's hire date
birthDay Employee's birthday
username Employee's login username
title Employee's title
SSN Employee's SSN or Gov ID
status 0=inactive, 1=active
gender Employee's gender: M/F/null
email1 Employee's first email address
email2 Employee's second email address
email3 Employee's third email address
userDefaultDepartmentName Employee's default department
userDefaultDepartmentCode Employee's default department's code
e1Name Employee's emergency 1 Name
e1Addr1 Employee's emergency 1 Address 1
e1Addr2 Employee's emergency 1 Address 2
e1City Employee's emergency 1 City
e1State Employee's emergency 1 State
e1Zip Employee's emergency 1 Zip
e1Phone Employee's emergency 1 Phone
e1Public Employee's emergency 1 Public viewable flag
e2Name Employee's emergency 2 Name
e2Addr1 Employee's emergency 2 Address 1
e2Addr2 Employee's emergency 2 Address 2
e2City Employee's emergency 2 City
e2State Employee's emergency 2 State
e2Zip Employee's emergency 2 Zip
e2Phone Employee's emergency 2 Phone
e2Public Employee's emergency 2 Public viewable flag
flagIn Error on in, i.e. double punch
flagOut Error on out
clockNote Clock in note
clockNoteOut Clock out note
clock_in_out_note Clock in and clock out note together
clientIn Name of clock where clock-in took place
clientOut Name of clock where clock-out took place
remoteIpIn IP address of computer used to clock-in (remote clock only)
remoteIpOut IP address of computer used to clock-out (remote clock only)
cidInNumber Caller ID of phone used to clock-in (telephone clock only)
cidOutNumber Caller ID of phone used to clock-out (telephone clock only)
cidInName Caller ID name of phone used to clock-in (telephone clock only)
cidOutName Caller ID name of phone used to clock-out (telephone clock only)
payableOnHoliday "Yes" if time occurs within a holiday, otherwise null
siteLocationIn Clock location, including site name
locationIn Clock location, without site name
siteLocationOut Clock location of clock-out
locationOut Clock location of clock-out, without site name
payrollEventType Type of pay, i.e. Standardtime, Overtime, Sick, Paid Time Off, etc.
payrollEventType_code_name Type of pay codename, i.e. standardtime, sick, paidtimeoff, etc.
job_shortname Job short name
job_longname Job long name
job_description Job description
job_ctrlNum Job control number
job_glNum Job GL number
job_code Job code
job_subCode Job subcode
job_altNum Job alternate number
job_rate Job billing rate
job_overrideHourlyRate Job override Hourly Rate
job_overrideMultiplier Job override Multiplier
job_overrideDifferential Job override Differential
job_category Job category
customer_name Customer name of job (not work order)
defaultJob_shortname Employee's default job short name
defaultJob_longname Employee's default job long name
defaultJob_description Employee's default job description
defaultJob_ctrlNum Employee's default job control number
defaultJob_glNum Employee's default job GL number
defaultJob_code Employee's default job code
defaultJob_subCode Employee's default job subcode
defaultJob_altNum Employee's default job alternate number
defaultJob_rate Employee's default job billing rate
defaultJjob_category Employee's default job category
defaultJ_customer_name Customer name of employee's default job (not work order)
workorder_name Workorder name
workorder_code Workorder code
workorder_poNum Workorder po number
workorder_dateStart Workorder start date
workorder_dateDue Workorder due date
workorder_detail Workorder detail
workorder_completion Workorder completion
workorder_customer Workorder customer
workorder_sequence Workorder Sequence Order
adjTimeIn Paid time start (timestamp) - includes all edits, rounding, snapping, etc.
adjTimeOut Paid time end (timestamp) - includes all edits, rounding, snapping, etc.
timeIn Time in creation time (timestamp) - time the clock-in was actuall created
timeOut Time out creation time (timestamp) - time the clock-out was actually created
realTimeIn Real time in (timestamp) - clock in time without edits, rounding or snapping
realTimeOut Real time out (timestamp) - clock out time without edits, rounding or snapping
realOrPaidTimeIn Will provide realTimeIn if it is not null. Otherwise it will provide the "occurs" variable
realOrPaidTimeOut Will provide realTimeOut if it is not null. Otherwise it will provide "occurs + duration" 
realDuration Number of seconds between realTimeIn and realTimeOut if neither are null
realOrPaidDuration Number of seconds between realOrPaidTimeIn and realOrPaidTimeOut
occurs Payable time start (timestamp) - includes splits for day, type of pay change, etc.
endoccurs Payable time end (timestamp) - includes splits for day, type of pay change, etc.
openEvent Status of the time event: Open time event (no clock out) is 1. A closed event (clock in and out) is 0.
empType Payroll type
paid_hourly_rate Regular rate as calculated for event
ww_start Workweek start timestamp
ww_end Workweek end timestamp
ww_groupID The unique database ID of the employee's workweek group at the time of the event
ww_groupName The name of the employee's workweek group at the time of the event
paid 0 for unpaid benefit types, otherwise 1
payroll_occurred Date marked as "payrolled"
code_name Same as payrollEventType_code_name
isHourly "Yes" if employee has an hourly rate, otherwise "No"
flsa_exempt "Yes" or "No"

Length of payroll event in seconds


All worked time in seconds

benefitRequestNote Note attached to a benefit request
benefitRequestDate Date of the creation for a benefit request
benefitName Benifit type name ie "Sick", "Vacation", etc
benefitSubclassName Benifit Subclass name
benefitSubclassCode Benifit Subclass code
benefitSubclassGlnum Benifit Subclass GL number
benefitSubclassDescription Benifit Subclass Description
benefitEventCreationDate Time a benefit event was either created or approved
endTimestamp payroll report range end timestamp
begTimestamp payroll report range beginning timestamp
reg_hourly_rate Payable Hourly Rate (base, no modifiers) - Employee's Base Hourly Rate without any kind of differentials, overrides, overtime, etc. applied.
yearly_rate Payable Salary Rate (base, no modifiers) - Employee's Base Salary Rate without any kind of differentials, overrides, overtime, etc. applied. *Requires a time event in the system for the user.
payRate Payable Hourly Rate (diff/override) - Employee's Base Hourly Rate, plus any differentials or overrides, but no OT/DT/PT.
pay_per_hour Payable Hourly Rate (diff/override and OT/DT/PT) - Employee's Base Hourly Rate plus any differentials or overrides, multiplied by OT/DT/PT multipliers, if applicable. For FLSA compliance, when in OT/DT/PT, this amount is at least the Payable FLSA Weekly Base Hourly Rate times the OT/DT/PT multiplier.
base_rate Payable FLSA Weekly Base Hourly Rate - FLSA Weekly Base Hourly Rate used to figure OT/DT minimums for the entire week.
net_pay Total net dollar amount pay for event
hourly_rate Override rate (can be null)
hourly_differential Override differential (can be null)
rate_multiplier Override rate multiplier (can be null)
payroll_event_type_name Override pay type name, i.e. Overtime, Sick, etc. (can be null)
counts_toward_overtime Override counts-toward-overtime (can be null)
event_note Payroll engine notes on splits, benefits and misc (can be null)
event_note_pay Payroll engine notes on pay and overtime (can be null)
holiday_name Holiday Name, only set for actual holiday hours (can be null)
holiday_day_name Holiday Name, set for holiday hours and any work on holiday (can be null)
payCode Pay code from pay codes table

Name of the report preset


The name of the shift worked


The pay code of the shift worked


The code of the shift worked


The status of the shift worked


The note of the shift worked


The description of the shift worked


The name of the shift differential, it it applies


The code of the shift differential, if it applies

division_code The payroll code set for the division
The burdened rate for the empolyee (requires IPSBRD module)
AllocationCode <your code name> code The Code of the specified allocation code
AllocationCode <your code name> amount
The Amount of the specified allocation code
AllocationCode <your code name> note
The Note of the specified allocation code
piecework_name Piecework name
piecework_poNum Piecework PO number
piecework_subCode PieceworkPiecework
piecework_glNum Piecework GL nuber
piecework_description Piecework description
piecework_code Piecework code
piecework_altNum Piecework alternate number
piecework_note Piecework note
piecework_quantity Piecework quantity completed
piecework_includeInEffectiveWage Piecework option to include in FLSA calculations
piecework_payTimePerUnit Piecework pay in untis of time per unit completed
piecework_payRateMultiplierPerUnit Piecework pay multiplier per unit completed
piecework_payPerUnit Piecework pay per untic completed
piecework_field-<your field name> The value of the piecework field for the event.  <your field name> is all lower case with spaces removed.
deptCode Department code on the time event.
departmentName Department name on the time event.
custom_<your field name> The value of the custom employee field. <your field name> is all lower case with spaces removed, mating your custom field name.



Variables available for expressions in the "Preamble" and "Footer" tabs:

rowcount Rows in the report
comment Report Comment
reportStart Timestamp of report start
reportEnd Timestamp of report end
totalPay (grand total pay for the report)
total-# (i.e. total-1 for total of column 1)

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