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Applies to versions: 1.3, 1.4


The TimeIPS Accruals feature automatically accrues sick and vacation hours with customizable tenure levels based on employee's start/hire date. The accrual functionality is provided by the Payroll Integration with Benefits Tracking optional module. The accrual system is significantly enhanced by the Advanced Benefits optional module, which allows you to create additional accrual profiles, custom accrual/benefit types, and additional tenure levels.

Security Level Required: Payroll Administrator

Using the left pane Main Menu, click on: Administration » Benefits and Accruals » Accruals

The Accrual Profile Page

To Create a New Profile:

  1. Click on the Create Profile icon.
    NOTE: Accrual profiles specify the rate at which employees accrue benefits. If you have groups of employees who earn benefits at different rates, you will create an Accrual Profile for each group. The Advanced Benefits optional module provides for multiple profiles.

To Edit an Existing Profile:

  1. Select the Profile from the Profile pull-down and click on the Edit Profile button.
    NOTE: The System Default profile is the profile all employees are assigned to by default. You can add additional profiles then associate those profiles to employees who do not earn benefits at the rates defined in the System Default profile.

    NOTE: You can select a different System Default profile by selecting a profile in the Profile pull-down and clicking on the Make Default button.

  2. The Edit Accrual Page

    EXAMPLE: In the screen print above, employees earn PTO at a rate of 20 hours per calendar year starting immediately upon hire. After 90 days of employment, the waiting period will be satisfied so that sick and vacation accruals can begin. Thus, from 90 days to 1 year (52 weeks), employees will earn sick at a rate of 20 hours per calendar year and vacation at a rate of 40 hours per calendar year.

    After the first year, employees earn PTO and sick at the same rate but earn vacation at a rate of 80 hours per calendar year. After 5 years, employees earn PTO and sick at a rate of 24 hours per calendar year and vacation at a rate of 100 hours per calendar year.

    Employee's PTO and sick are capped at an unused amount of 40 hours. Employee's vacation hours are capped at an unused amount of 120 hours.

    We have not selected to "Treat benefit time as time that is paid toward accruals" as none of our tenure levels are prorated by hours worked.

    NOTE: Accrual values can be up 10 digits in length.

  3. Enter/Adjust the Days after hire before accruals begin, Treat benefit time as time that is paid toward accruals, the accrual level information, and the Maximum Accrued Hours for each accrual type.
    NOTE: To add a tenure level, click on the Add Tenure Level link. To remove the bottom tenure level, click on the Remove Tenure Level link. The Advanced Benefits module is required.
  4. Click on the Commit Adjustments button to save your changes.

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