Date printed: 01-23-2019   Last updated: 12-18-2015

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Applies to versions: 2.3

2.2 to 2.3 Migration Guide

TimeIPS version 2.3.x offers many upgrades and improvements over version 2.2.x. To make the most of the new version, please review the following changes:  Note: Some of the items listed require optional modules, which may or may not be listed in the description of the change.

Managers may need to be aware of the following:

  1. Improved and extended help throughout the system
  2. Remote/web clocking configuration now includes a new option to show additional status information including punches for the day/week.  This can be enabled to assist employees in budgeting their time and identifying clock errors.


Administrators should know

  1. If using IPSDBRO for direct database queries, please note that the users.isHourly and users.payRate fields have been removed to avoid confusion and/or incomplete or incorrect data.  These static (non time tracked) fields are not useful as pay information for employees frequently changes.  Without time tracking, there is no way to generate accurate reports that span any time other than the current moment.

    Instead of these fields, use the pay_history table.  Join on the usersID and include begTimestamp and endTimestamp to find the correct pay for the time in question.  Note that if a payrate does not have an end time, then the endTimestamp will be NULL.  This does not mean that such a payrate is current, as it may be set in the future.

    For example, to find the pay rate for time events in the last week for usersID 1, a query might look like this.

    SELECT * FROM eventLog e JOIN pay_history ph ON ph.usersID = e.usersID
    AND ph.begTimestamp <= e.adjTimeIn AND (ph.endTimestamp > e.adjTimeIn OR ph.endTimestamp IS NULL)
    WHERE e.usersID=1 AND e.adjTimeIn > unix_timestamp()-86400*7

    A rate in the "reg_hourly_rate" column provides the pay rate and that the employee is hourly.
    A rate in the "yearly_rate" column provides the pay and that the employee is salary.
    NOTE: that flsa_exempt field is reserved for future use.
  2. A new permission item for custom reports/payroll allows separate control over the page presets and export settings.  For example, it is now possible to allow managers access to create and change page presets, while restricting them to only view export settings.
  3. A new special report allows quickly generating counts of full time, part time and seasonal employees for each month. This data can be used for ACA compliance and reporting.
  4. Lunch deductions are more flexible with expression calculated start time and duration.  Expressions can be used to handle many kinds of exceptions and special rules based on the time of the lunch, duration of the lunch, employee hours, schedule, department, job worked, etc.

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