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Applies to versions: 2.3

TimeIPS What's New - Version 2.3

TimeIPS is continually developed and improved with new features and enhancements. Below is an overview of the newest features and enhancements available with TimeIPS Version 2.3.

NOTE: Some of the items listed require optional modules, which may or may not be listed in the description of the change.

Minor version updates to the major version of TimeIPS you are currently running (i.e. version 2.3) are always available. Simply make sure that Automatic Updates checkbox is checked and you will receive regular automatic minor version updates. In some cases, the latest minor version releases are rolled-out in phases. If you'd like to get a minor version update before your roll-out phase, please contact TimeIPS technical support.

New Features in TimeIPS version 2.3

  • When employees add notes to time in their My Work History page, a new option is available to have an email with that note sent to a "third-party" in addition to the employee's manager.
  • Lunch Deductions can now adjust their start and length (and if they apply at all) based on custom "expression" logic
  • Remote/web clocking can now show more clocking history with a status check and after clocking. The amount of history (days back) can be configured.
  • Desktop clocking supports standby employees.  These can be dynamically added into the desktop clock app as needed.
  • A new special report shows Monthly Employee Counts for full time, part time and seasonal employees to assist with ACA reporting requirements.
  • Improved system help
  • Piecework can now be entered quickly for multple employees using the new Batch Piecework Entry table.
  • Payroll export to QuickBooks Online is now supported.

Improvements in TimeIPS version 2.3

  • On systems with many jobs, it may be desirable to sort jobs by code or other field besides name.  This is now available and can be configured per employee under My Settings.
  • Employee biometric template management has been improved with more detail on each template, type of template, and the ability to remove individual templates
  • The employee admin area can now show employee's current pay rate as a column, making it easy to quickly review all employee pay rates.

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