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Applies to versions: 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 3.0

Pay Modifications

TimeIPS provides several ways to modify pay for worked time

For each of these, pay can be modified in the following ways:

If multiple modifiers are specified, they will be be applied at the same time as follows:

( Hourly Rate + Differential Amount ) * Differential Percentage

The pay type and counts-toward-overtime will then be applied as well.

Multiple pay modifiers can apply at the same time from different sources:

For example, an employee may be working a job that pays at $12, while on a shift that pays +$3.00 an hour, on a holiday that pays 125%. In such cases the employee will receive the modifier for the highest priority in each category (rate,differential amount, differential percentage, pay type and counts-toward-OT).

In cases where there is a conflict between the modifiers from different sources, the highest priority source will be used. See the example below for a single span of time worked by an employee with an override, while on a job, on a holiday, during a shift:

  Rate Differential Amount Differential Percentage Pay Type Counts-toward-OT
Override $10

Job $12 +$1.00 120%


125% Overtime Does NOT count

Default Configuration is by priority for all 4 items. And by default the priority is in the following order:  Override, Job, Holiday, then Shift.  So, in the example, the employee would receive the value for each part of the modifier in the highest row for each category (shown in Red):

($10.00 + $1.00) *150%, paid as overtime, but not counting toward the weekly overtime.

Note: Choosing a benefit type such as Sick or Vacation for Pay Type will effectively pay as Standardtime but will be coded as the chosen benefit type. These hours will not be included in any benefit calculations.

The priorities and modes for these can be changed. To reconfigure the Overtime Policies, see the Overtime Policies article.

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