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Applies to versions: 1.3, 1.4

Import/Export Benefit Totals

TimeIPS can import sick and vacation time earned, lost, used, and available and can also update records using the Employee Import/Export optional module.

Security Level Required: Payroll Administrator

Using the left pane Main Menu, click on: Administration » Benefits and Accruals » Import/Export

The Import/Export Page

To Export Data:

  1. Click on the Export Benefits Data button.

    Example File Download Dialog

    NOTE: Your screen may look different, depending on your computer's operating system.
  2. Select to Save the file to disk and save it in an easy-to-find location such as your desktop.

    Example Save As Dialog

  3. Double-click on the file to open the saved employee export file in your spreadsheet application or import the file into the applicable application.
    NOTE: Some spreadsheet applications do not extend columns enough, designated in numeric columns with "######". Click and drag the column's right margin to extend it manually.

    TIP: You can adjust the benefit totals for each employee in the spreadsheet then import the data back into TimeIPS to update your current totals.

To Import Data:

  1. Click on the Browse button and navigate to the CSV file to be imported.
  2. The following benefit fields are informational only:
    • Hire Date
    • Employed
    • Months Tenure
    • Hours Worked (Total)
    • Hours Worked (YTD)
    • Sick Available
    • Sick Used
    • Vacation Available
    • Vacation Used

    Data entered into these fields will not be changed or updated when imported into TimeIPS, therefore, these columns can be excluded when importing benefit data into TimeIPS.

  3. Click on the Import/Update Benefits button.
    NOTE: TimeIPS updates employee benefit totals by matching the employee's last name and first name exactly, and middle name if specified.

    NOTE: An employee's Start Date and Employment status can be adjusted through the Employee Import or through Employee Administration.

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