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Applies to versions: 2.3, 2.4, 2.5

Remote Clock Setup

Remote Clock Setup allows viewing and managing remote clocking configuration options.


Using the left pane Main Menu » Administration, click on: Clocking » Remote Clocking


Click on the Remote/Web Clocking Setup icon at the top of the page.







View Remote Clock

To view the current Remote Clock display, use the left pane Main Menu » My TimeIPS, click on: Remote Clocking





Remote Clock Setup

Back on the Remote Clocking Clock Setup page, make the changes you would like to see in the Remote Clock display.

  • You can choose to leave the Logo Graphic as is, Upload a New Logo or Restore the Default Logo.

    • To Upload a New Logo, click the Browse button, then navigate to and select the new logo.
    • NOTE: The new graphic will not display on this page until the " Save Changes" button is clicked.

  • Status Display Time: When "Remain logged in after clocking" below is disabled, the Remote Clocking interface will return to the login screen after displaying the employee's status for the specified time. Leave blank to disable this behavior.

  • Remain logged in after clocking: When checked, after clocking in, clocking out, changing jobs, or checking status, the Remote Clocking interface will allow the employee to clock again without requiring a username and password.

  • The One-Button interface uses a single button for clocking in and out and for changing jobs. The default interface offers separate Clock In, Clock Out, and Change Job buttons to specify which action to take.

  • When checked, the Remote Clocking interface will request the employee's Badge Number instead of the employee's username and password.

  • When the Log in again from status page box is checked, instead of returning to the login screen after displaying the employee's status, the Remote Clocking interface will accept another login on the same page.

  • When the Enable Work Order selector box is checked, the selection of Work Orders is available on the Remote Clocking interface, separate from the job list. Enabling this option will add Javascript to the Remote Clocking interface. This is not recommended if you use older devices, browsers, or custom software to access this interface. This option is not necessary to choose a job associated with a work-order: the default job list already provides this.

  • Checking the Enable Prompt for Work Order Completion box, enables the prompt for the percentage completion on Work Orders from the Remote Clocking interface. Use with "Enable Work Order selector" option above.

  • Checking the Mobile Device Large Font and Button Mode Default Setting box, enables extra large fonts and buttons by default, designed to make clocking easier to use on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. Users can always switch which mode they prefer via the Remote Clock and the system will remember their preference by device.

  • If you would like to Rename the "Job Code" field, type it into the box.

  • If you would like to Rename the "Work Order" field, type it into the box.

  • If you would like to Require Job Selection when employees clock in, check that box.

  • If you would like to Show Recent Punches when employees clock in, check the "expand list automatically" box as well as provide the number of days to include in the list.

  • To implement the changes, click the Save Changes button.



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