Date printed: 01-23-2019   Last updated: 07-20-2016

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Applies to versions: 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 3.0

End of Week Mailer

The End of Week Mailer is a special report that re-sends the end-of-week report for any week to selected employees. The report includes standard time, overtime, double-time and benefit information for the employee's payroll week. This report can be configured to be sent to up to three e-mail addresses of your choosing at the end of each payroll week. These e-mails addresses are set-up in the e-mail tab of Employee Administration.



Using the left pane Main Menu » Administration, click on: Reports » Special Reports

Special Reports provide information and data from the system beyond the standard Time Edit/Report. Select a report by clicking on the report name.






Under Schedules, click on: End of Week Mailer





  • The identified e-mail address will receive an e-mail copy of the selected employee's End of Week report that includes standard time, overtime, double-time, and benefit usage information (as shown below).
    NOTE: You can choose to include or hide benefit data from the End of Week report using the End-of-week Report Options on the employee's E-mail tab in Employee Administration.



    NOTE: The time frame shown on the End of Week report is based on the employee's workweek group, as defined in Administration » Payroll and Reports » Workweek Groups. The End of Week report will begin on the same day of the week as the employee's assigned workweek group (ie., if the employee's workweek group begins on Wednesday, the End of Week report will begin on Wednesday).


    NOTE: The end of the week mailer is ran every hour and will send the report at that time for any employee whose workweek has ended but the report has not been sent for the week.


    NOTE: Reports that are run on the current date will include clock times up to the previous fully completed work day, but will not include the current work day.

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