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Applies to versions: 1.4, 1.5, 1.6

Master Configuration

Master Configuration settings include information regarding your TimeIPS system and how employees' names display within the system.

Security Level Required: System Administrator

Using the left pane Main Menu, click on: Administration » System Administration » Master Configuration

  • Directory Page Company Info is entered using HTML tags. If you are not familiar with HTML coding, use the example HTML code provided. Locate the example information such as phone number and website then replace it with your company's information.
  • Restrict access to the directory pages by requiring login by clicking on the checkbox under the Directory Page Company Info field.
  • Important notifications are sent to the Admin E-mail address. TimeIPS generated emails are delivered with the Admin E-mail as the sender.
  • If your company uses phone extensions, enter the number of digits in the Phone Extension Length and the prefix in the Phone Extension Prefix, otherwise, ignore these fields. If phone extensions are entered for employees in the Employees section, they will display in the Employee Directory.
  • The Employee Name Format and Middle Name Format settings determine how employee names will display in TimeIPS. How names display on the TimeIPS LCD display are set in Client Configuration.
  • Limited Remote Database Username and Limited Remote Database Password allow you to view TimeIPS databases using a MySQL ODBC connection.

  1. Enter or adjust the information as necessary.
  2. Click on the Submit button to save the changes.

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