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Applies to versions: 2.5

TimeIPS What's New - Version 2.5

TimeIPS is continually developed and improved with new features and enhancements. Below is an overview of the newest features and enhancements available with TimeIPS Version 2.5.

NOTE: Some of the items listed require optional modules, which may or may not be listed in the description of the change.

Minor version updates to the major version of TimeIPS you are currently running (i.e. version 2.5) are always available. Simply make sure that Automatic Updates checkbox is checked and you will receive regular automatic minor version updates. In some cases, the latest minor version releases are rolled-out in phases. If you'd like to get a minor version update before your roll-out phase, please contact TimeIPS technical support.

New Features in TimeIPS version 2.5

  • Improved handling of rehired employees. Explicitly set employement ranges to track payrate, pay type, title, full time status and more.
  • The Time Edit Permission provides the ability to allow or restrict managers from changing employees' jobs in time events, even if the target employee is not currently a member of the job.
  • The Timesheet Approvals summary page now includes a column for Pay Type. This shows each employee's current pay type as set in their pay history. 
  • Time Balancing (formerly Salary Options) provides a system to automatically adjust total hours per day to match the duration scheduled. It can now apply to both salary and hourly employees. Balancing will continuously be checked, going back the specified number of days or until the most recent locked payroll, depending on which occurs first.
  • The Time Zone for each employee can be set individually when adding a new employee. This is helpful if the employee is outside the company's time zone.
  • Employees can be selected for the Break Violation Report and all violations during the date range requested will be listed. Short breaks can be included in minimum work duration, the maximum number of violations per day can be set, and the time between "days" can be specified.
  • Each Benefit Subclass can be independently set to count (or not count) towards the holiday day before/after rule requirements. In addition to Yes or No, there is also a Default option that will use the benefit type setting.
  • Jobs can be tracked against benefit types. On Benefit Requests, Benefit Approvals, and Benefit Usages, a job can be picked and therefore connected to that benefit.
  • The frequency at which the system will check whether to run actions for Schedule Groups' Advanced Rules, can now be specified. It may be a good idea to run complex tasks less frequently. If unsure, 5 minutes is usually a safe default.
  • In special cases, there may be employees who are automatically clocked in or out. It is now possible to disable employees from clocking manualing by unchecking the "Allow Clocking" box on the Employeement tab of the Employee Administration page.
  • On Employee schedules, some more intuitive scheduling options have been added to allow the schedule to be applied to just that day, to that day and future same days of the week, or inherited from a previous same day of the week.
  • Benefit subclasses can control whether or not benefit hours count towards overtime.
  • More flexible Batch Time Import options.

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