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Applies to versions: 2.5

Tabbed Employee Administration View

Employee Administration stores information on each of your employees, including their login username/password, ID/badge number, and current employment status.


Using the left pane Main Menu, click on: Employees » Employees.



Search and Display Options






Required tab




Personal tab


To Add a Photo

  1. Click on Edit Photo. The employee's Personal tab will expand as shown below.

  2. Click on the Browse button and navigate to the folder containing the employee's photo.
    TIP: Employee photos can be taken with a regular digital camera and then saved to your computer or loaded directly from the camera's memory card.

    NOTE: Employee photographs must be saved in .png or .jpg format for use with TimeIPS barcode ID badges. Images over 180 x 180 pixels will be scaled to fit the ID badge.
  3. Select the employee's photo and click on Upload New Photo.
  4. The employee's photo will appear.

  5. TIP: To hide the employee's photo section, click on the "Hide Photo" button.

    NOTE: To delete an employee's photo, click on the "Delete Current Photo" button.




Employment tab

Pay tab

To add, view, or edit Pay History, click on the "Pay" tab.

The Employee's Pay Tab



Biometrics tab

On the "Biometrics" tab, the individual employee's settings can be customized and therefore be different than the System Defaults. The System Defaults are setup on the Biometric Validation page found under Clocking in the left hand menu.

The Employee's Biometrics Tab

Contact tab

Emergency tab





Email tab


Email Settings

Direct Mail

End-of-week Report Options

Schedule Templates




Miscellaneous tab




Click on the Documents tab to attach and/or view documents associated with the employee.




Resource Links


Hire Notes

Clock Message

NOTE: Clocks are limited to displaying three lines of 18 characters. For best results, keep this message brief.





Permissions tab

NOTE: Go to the Permission article for a detailed description of what each permission level entails.




Departments tab

NOTE: An employee can not be removed from his or her default Department on this tab.




Schedule tab

Custom Tab




Doc & Notes Tab




Burdened Rates tab




Allocations tab




Payroll Tool tab




Helper tab

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