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Applies to versions: 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6


TimeIPS is a continuously developing software package. New features and optional modules are available for TimeIPS customers on a regular basis.


Security Level Required: System Administration

Using the left pane Main Menu, click on: Administration » System Administration » Modules.


IPSIPS Intelligent Personnel System Upgrade Module


The IPSIPS Intelligent Personnel System Upgrade Module upgrades TimeIPS Digital Time Clocks to Intelligent Personnel Systems which include numerous system enhancements such as:


  • View weekly work schedules, set e-mail alerts and notifications for schedule deviations, and prevent early clock-ins.

  • Track exact time spent on specific jobs/projects with up to 30 active Jobs.

  • E-mail nightly backups to a specified address.

  • View currently clocked in employees on a computer monitor near the clock in/out point by connecting it directly to the TimeIPS time station.


    IPSJOB Unlimited Jobs


    The Unlimited Jobs module provides an unlimited number of active jobs, job customers, and job categories as well as work-order tracking.


    IPSJWO Job WorkOrders

    This powerful upgrade module provides the ability to create work orders. Each work order can contain one or more jobs, with specific details for what needs to be done on each job.

    This is ideal for businesses involved in production, assembly, fabrication or service type work where multiple jobs with specific instructions are required for each customer project and the time on each set of jobs needs to be tracked under a single work order number.

    At the end of each day, week or any period you desire, TimeIPS will provide you the hours and minutes worked on each job within each work order.



    IPSQBI Payroll Integration with Benefits Tracking


    The Payroll Integration and Benefits Tracking module includes integration with or export files for many of the most popular payroll software programs, including:

    The Payroll Integration and Benefits Tracking feature also allows you to:


    IPSSCH Scheduling


    The Scheduled and Automatic Clock Control feature allows you to:


    IPSEMP Employee Import and Export


    The Employee Import and Export feature allows you to Import, Export, and Update the following:



    IPSBEN Advanced Benefits Tracking


    The Advanced Benefits Tracking module includes:


    IPSREM Remote Employee Access


    Web Based Clocking



    IPSSEC Enterprise Security Tools


    The Enterprise Security Tools provides additional security functionality:



    IPSEPI Custom Payroll Export


    The Enhanced Payroll Integration module supports many additional payroll exports. Please view our description for the complete list.



    The Custom Payroll Export module allows for payroll exports with completely customizable formatting.



    The TimeIPS IPSAPP – Approvals Module™ provides the following request and approval options:



    The Over Time Options module provides extensive and advanced overtime rule options:



    Hardware Upgrades Available:


    Relay Controls


    TimeIPS Telephone Clocking System


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