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Applies to versions: 2.5

Benefit Types

Benefit Types provide a classification for non-worked time (such as sick and vacation) that can be allocated to employees. These types can be paid or unpaid, can optionally count toward overtime hours, and can be configured to automatically accrue if configured in the Accruals section.

With the Advanced Benefits Tracking module (IPSBEN), custom benefit types can be created or edited.




Using the left pane Main Menu » Administration, click on: Benefits » Benefit Types





Create a New Benefit Type

Benefit Types

  • Click on the + (plus) sign on the left side of the Create New Benefit Type bar.
  • Add a descriptive Name, then click the Add button.





Edit a Benefit Type

Benefit Types

  • Click on the + (plus) sign next to the benefit Name.
  • If using divisions, a Code Name can be specified that will allow reports that include benefits from multiple divisions to appear in the same column.
  • If the benefit type is Paid, select "Yes" for the Paid option.  This is normally set to "Yes".
  • If the benefit counts as actual work time toward 40 hours/week for overtime, then select "Yes" for Counts towards Overtime.  This is normally set to "No".
  • Holidays can require that an employee work a certain number of hours the days before or after the holiday. By enabling this option, benefit uses of this accrual type will count towards satisfying that rule.
    Note: This option can be overridden by each subclass.
  • Select whether or not to allow or even require benefit usages to be tagged with a job.
    **This may be important in cases where an employee's wages are paid with different grants. The different grants can be set up as different jobs and then benefits can be tagged to designate which grant pays for which benefit type.





Advanced Options

Benefit Types

  • From the Advanced tab, you can require the employee to add a Note when requesting this type of benefit.
  • Choose whether this Benefit Type is Elected By an Employee or Employer. 
  • The use of benefits may be elected by the employee or the employer. In some situations this will effect the calculation of salary wages. For example, employees generally elect to use PTO, sick and vacation time. Employers generally elect to use furlough and other "Lack of work" time. Salary employees paid for a set number of weekly hours will have weekly salary reduced for unpaid benefit time that is employee elected. Note that salary employees paid for "All Hours Worked" will still receive their full salary, regardless.
  • To display a custom message when this type of benefit is requested, select "Show Popup" from the drop down list. Then type the message in the Custom Message box.
  • Click Save Row to save the changes.





Subclasses can be used to track projects, departments, areas or other designations related to the benefit, the employee, or why the benefit was used.


    Add a Subclass

  • Click on the green + on the far right side.
  • Benefit Types

  • Add a descriptive Name in the Add Subclass window that pops up, then click the Create button.
  • Benefit Types

  • Add a GLNum, a Minimum (if applicable), and a Description for the subclass.
    NOTE: By using the GLNum field, it is possible to designate how benefit time will be tracked in an external accounting system.
  • Earn Holiday: Select whether or not it counts towards earning a holiday that requires worked time on an adjacent day. If set to "Yes" or "No", this will overwrite the benefit type setting. "Default" will use the benefit type setting.
  • Counts OT: Select whether or not it counts towards earning overtime. If set to "Yes" or "No", this will overwrite the benefit type setting. "Default" will use the benefit type setting.
  • Click Save Row to save the changes.

  • To delete a subclass, click on the red X on the far right side.





Deleting a Benefit Type

In order to delete a benefit type, that type must not be in use. Once it has been used, it can not be deleted.

Benefit Types

  • In the far right column, click the word Delete that appears in the same row as the benefit type you wish to delete.

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