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Applies to versions: 3.0

TimeIPS What's New - Version 3.0

TimeIPS is continually developed and improved with new features and enhancements. Below is an overview of the newest features and enhancements available with TimeIPS Version 3.0.

NOTE: Some of the items listed require optional modules, which may or may not be listed in the description of the change.

Minor version updates to the major version of TimeIPS you are currently running (i.e. version 3.0) are always available. Simply make sure that Automatic Updates checkbox is checked and you will receive regular automatic minor version updates. In some cases, the latest minor version releases are rolled-out in phases. If you'd like to get a minor version update before your roll-out phase, please contact TimeIPS technical support.

New Features in TimeIPS version 3.0

  • The Remote Clock allows the input of text for job selection as an alternative to a drop-down list. In addition, an action can be chosen to respond to jobs entered that don't match an existing job. 
  • The Employee Report Card can be customized to display one or more data tables.
  • The Benefit/Holiday Report (Days vs. Schedule) is viewable as one of the tables on the Employee Report Card.
  • The “Shortfall of Days Worked” will display in the “Schedule Report” table, if the Benefit/Holiday Report (Days vs. Schedulde) is also selected on the Employee Report Card.
  • Jobs can be tracked against piecework.
  • Your most frequently visited pages can be displayed in the sidebar menu for quick access.
  • Comp Time can be granted and converted from overtime to facilitate compliance with the "FLSA 29 US 207 (o)(3)(A) Compensatory time" for eligible employees. It can then be requested and used like a benefit.
  • Accruals can be automatically recalculate when retroactive changes are made. This option is suggested and probably desirable for any benefits that are based on hours worked.
  • Additional controls are available for where jobs can be used.
  • Improved integration with QuickBooks.

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