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Applies to versions: 3.0

2.5 to 3.0 Migration Guide

TimeIPS version 3.0.x offers many upgrades and improvements over version 2.5.x. To make the most of the new version, please review the following changes:

Note: Some of the items listed require optional modules, which may or may not be listed in the description of the change.


  • IMPORTANT: TheTimeIPS 3.x migration will require a special system update that will include some downtime of up to several hours.

Managers may need to be aware of the following:

  1. The job selection on remote clocking has changed. The Remote Clock allows the input of text for job selection as an alternative to a drop-down list. In addition, an action can be chosen to respond to jobs entered that don't match an existing job. 
  2. The Employee Report Card has a number of changes in the data and formatting. In addition, new configuration options allow selecting which of the schedule and hours tables to show.
  3. The following new options change the way jobs and the job import/export function works. For users of DBRO (the database access option), the job active fields have changed as well.
    1. In previous versions, jobs were able to be deactivated in certain instances. Now there are 5 options on ways to use a job. If they are all unchecked, then the job is "inactive" and will not show on the jobs admin page unless you choose to see inactive jobs.
    2. You can choose to show this job in Time/Edit Report and therefore allow it to be connected to time events.
    3. Youy can allow this job to be an Employee's Default Job.
    4. You can delete a job. If you delete a job, you will no longer be able to use this job and it will be removed from your list of jobs. If it is in use by time events, piecework, default job, etc, it will also be removed from those areas/events.
  4. By adding the Timesheet Approval for Events option, time events can be approved or unapproved on the detailed Time Report.


Administrators should know

  1. A new IPSCOMP module is available for FLSA 29 US 207 (o)(3)(A) employees who receive comp-time. 
  2. Accruals can be automatically recalculate when retroactive changes are made. This option is suggested and probably desirable for any benefits that are based on hours worked.
  3. In special cases, employees may need to have their tenure levels start over when joining a new accrual group. It's now possible to configure an accrual group to force the tenure to start at the join date.
  4. Tabs on the Employee Administration page have been renamed. The original Employment tab is now the "Details" tab and the Pay tab is now the "Employment" tab. (Check out the video for more information.)

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