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TimeIPS FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

Category: Main -> Support Portal

·  What is the TimeIPS Support Portal?
·  What is the Downloads section?
·  What is the Knowledge Base?
·  What are the Web Links?

·  What is the TimeIPS Support Portal?

The support portal is a convenient place to find information and troubleshooting tips for your TimeIPS system.

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·  What is the Downloads section?

The Downloads section contains programs, examples, and other tools that may be useful in working with your TimeIPS system. These downloads are offered free of charge.

If you wish to update your TimeIPS Master System, please log into your TimeIPS master web interface, and click on Administration, Updates, Update Now.

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·  What is the Knowledge Base?

The knowledge base is a resource containing information and troubleshooting advice about your TimeIPS system. You can search the knowledge base by asking a question in plain English or by listing keywords relevant to your problem. Your question is evaluated to return relevant articles to you.

If you find an article relevant to your search useful, please say so by selecting "Yes" in response to the question "Did you find this article useful in answering your question?" This will help us keep the knowledge base articles relevant and convenient.

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·  What are the Web Links?

Web Links are links to other websites that may be useful to TimeIPS users. The "TimeIPS-Related Websites" are official sites maintained by TimeIPS, Inc. "External Websites" are other pages that contain downloads and other useful material.

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