Date printed: 03-26-2023   Last updated: 06-15-2020

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Applies to versions: 3.1

Divisions Management

TimeIPS Divisions are designed for companies that own, operate, or provide staff to independent business units or sub-companies. Divisions provide a way to manage sub-companies such that all time, payroll and employee records are separated. Employees can't move between divisions (but they can be laid-off at one division and re-hired at a different division).


The required TimeIPS® Division module (IPSDIV) provides the following features:




Using the left pane Main Menu » Administration, click on: System » Company/Divisions




Add a New Division

Once a division is created, it can not be deleted however all divisions (expect for the Top Level Division) can be deactived.




Setup and Edit Divisions

Once a division is created, it will appear in the table below. Here you can finish setting up and make any changes needed.










































Note: The Top Level Division can merge any and all divisions into it, however, the Top Level Division will not appear in the drop down list for other divisions to choice from.



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