Date printed: 12-02-2023   Last updated: 08-31-2020

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Applies to versions: 3.1, 3.2

Benefits Request and Approval - Employee View

My Benefit Requests allows employees to view their benefits availability and request benefit time.

The Benefits Request and Approval module (IPSAPP) is required.



Using the left pane Main Menu » My TimeIPS, click on: My Benefit Request

Benefits Log

From the My Benefit Requests screen, employees can Request Time off as well as see the Current Benefit Availability, Pending Requests, and Reviewed Requests.





Request Benefit Time

For instructions on how to create a new Benefit Request, see the My Benefit Requests article. 




Pending Requests

After a Benefit Request is made, it appears in the Pending Requests section until it's approved. The manager or administrator assigned to you will be notified that there is a request waiting for their approval.

Benefits Log




Reviewed Requests

After a Request has either been approved or disapproved, it appears in the Reviewed Requests section.

Benefits Log






To View the Benefits Calendar

Click on the Benefits Calendar icon at the top of the page.


Display Options





To View Benefit Details

Click on the My Benefit Details icon at the top of the page. See the Benefits article for more information.

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