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Applies to versions: 3.1, 3.2


The IPSEML Email Automation module provides the ability to create automated email reminders for a number of common situations.


Using the left pane Main Menu » Administration, click on:  Employees » Reminders




  • Click on the + (plus) sign in the far upper left-hand corner of the Add a New Reminder bar.
    NOTE: If you have not yet added a template, you will be directed to do so first before continuing.





      Add an E-Mail Template

      Using the left pane Main Menu » Administration, click on:  System » E-Mail Templates



    • Click on the + (plus) sign in the far left corner of the Add a New Template bar.
    • Add a descriptive Template Name.
    • Type in the Subject and Body of the email as you would like it appear in the employees inbox.
    • Choose "Employee Reminders" as the Alert Type.
    • Reminders

    • Click the Add New Template button and the new template will appear below in the Email Templates list.

    • Reminders

    • You can now return to the Reminders page to continue setting up the reminder.


  • Back on the Reminders page, click on the + (plus) sign in the upper left-hand corner of the Add a New Reminder bar.
  • Reminders

  1. Add a descriptive Reminder Name.
  2. Under Run As, choose which employee the reminder will be run under. Typically, you will specify yourself.
  3. Choose which Employee(s) this reminder applies to.
  4. Choose which employee(s) this reminder will Notify, using each employee's preferred contact method as configured on the employee's "Email" tab.
  5. Add a detailed Description of the reminder.
  6. From the "Remind On" drop-down list, choose the type of event on which to trigger a reminder.

    • Calendar Date will alert on a set day on a specific year
    • Day(s) Before Selected Relative Day Every Year allows to alert on (or selectable days before) an employee's birthday, anniversary, or any other specific day each year.
    • Day(s) Since Payroll Sync Start Date will alert employees on a specified number of days after their hire date.
    • Employee Average Weekly Hours above/below a threshold option wlll send an alert when an employee's average weekly hours either exceed or are below a set amount, with a selectable number of weeks to include in the average.
    • Employee Hours above a threshold will alert when an employee's total cumulative hours exceed a set amount.

  7. Choose the email Template to use when sending out notifications.
  8. Click the Add New Reminder button to implement the alert. It will be added to the Reminder List below.






To Edit an Existing Reminder


  • On the Reminder list, click on the + (plus) sign to the left of the reminder you wish to edit (Example here is "End of Year").
  • All of the original set up options are editable, plus 2 additional options.
    • The Process or Test option allows you to force the reminders to run now by selecting "Process Reminder" or you can generate a test email to review by clicking "Process As Test".
    • If you do not want this reminder any more, you can also Delete it from here.
      NOTE: There is NO delete confirmation prompt. Once you click the delete button, the reminder is removed.

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