Date printed: 12-02-2023   Last updated: 08-04-2021

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Applies to versions: 3.2

3.1 to 3.2 Migration Guide

TimeIPS version 3.2.x offers upgrades and improvements over version 3.1.x. To make the most of the new version, please review the following changes:

Note: Some of the items listed require optional modules, which may or may not be listed in the description of the change.


Managers may need to be aware of the following:

  1. Geo Zone tracking is available for employees using remote clocking.
  2. Employees should use https:// for access if possible.  This is required for the new geo-tracking system.
  3. Active and Inactive Work Orders can be shown or hidden on Selection Lists. These options can be configured on the My Settings page under List Options.

Administrators should know

  1. Geo Zones can be configured for one or more locations, and options can be set on the Remote Clocking configuration page to allow and/or require geo-location when employees use remote clocking.
  2. Geo Zones have employee membership that should be configured to allow tracing location per employee and/or to require employees to clock in selected zones, restrict employees from clocking in selected zones, etc.
  3. All systems should be accessed using https:// for security. Also, browsers will only supply geo-location data for remote clocking when in https:// mode. For self hosted/on-site systems (non ASP/cloud hosted systems), we recommend using the System ->  Security page to install an SSL certificate to enable this.
  4. Under Accrual Groups, the "Prorate partial intervals" checkbox now enables prorates for employment span start/stops in addition to the previous prorate for partial membership in accruals groups.
  5. Active and Inactive Work Orders can be shown or hidden on Selection Lists. These options can be configured on the  Company Division page under Employee Default "My Settings".
  6. Rolling and/or Floating Overtime hours can be set under the Advanced tab of Overtime Policies.
  7. A CSR and Private Key can be generated, downloaded (or copy-pasted) to a certificate signing authority and then installed on the TimeIPS Security page.

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