Date printed: 07-23-2024   Last updated: 08-25-2021

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Applies to versions: 3.2

My Settings

Use My Settings to configure IP Verification settings and to set display options in Employee Administration.

Using the left pane Main Menu, click on: My Settings under My TimeIPS.



General tab:



  • Choose "Refresh Automatically " on the Automatically Refresh Directory Status View and Clocked In Excess Hours Report option to automatically refresh the Employee Status View page when employees clock out or once every minute. Otherwise, select "Do not automatically refresh".

  • Choose to Show Count of Employees Clocked-In on the Directory Status View to display an incrementing count next to each employee that is clocked in when viewing Employee Status in the TimeIPS Director.

  • The default help setting can be changed under Show Help by Default. The help icon is always viewable in the top right hand corner of the TImeIPS Interface for quick toggling between views.

  • Use the Show Warnings for Unsaved Changes section to turn off the friendly reminder that there are unsaved changes.

  • After choosing your preferences, click on the Submit button to save.



    System Notifications tab:


    System notifications are notices about operational changes or actions needed in the TimeIPS system. These notifications can be sent to your e-mail.

    NOTE: The System Notifications tab is viewable to those with the appropriate permission level.





    Display tab:



    Employee List Options tab:

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