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Applies to versions: 3.1, 3.2


Job Administration allows you to configure jobs, manage employee job membership, pay rates, and configure job tracking on specific jobs and projects. You can also assign jobs to customers and organize your jobs by assigning them to categories. The IPSIPS optional module is required.  The IPSJOB module provides additional options including unlimited numbers of jobs.



Using the left pane Main Menu » Administration, click on: Jobs » Jobs





TIP: If you plan on assigning jobs to customers for billing purposes or to organize jobs by categories, set up the Job Categories and Job Customers first.






General Tab



Billing Tab



Pay Rates Tab

Each job can be assigned a specific Pay Rate that will be applied to any employee who works this job, as long as a specific job rate has not been assigned to that employee.



Override Rates Tab

Each job can be assigned specific pay rates per employee. This is done on the Override Rates tab which allows you to view and edit the individual employee job pay rates.





Coverage Tab

Each job can be assigned coverage rules.  If the number of employees clocked into the job violates the rules, email alerts can be sent and the violations can be viewed with the "View Violation History" button.




Default Membership Tab

Employees can be assigned to a specific job by default. When employees clock in, they are automatically signed into the default job unless they manually choose a different job. 

NOTE: For employees to appear on the Default Membership list, employees must first be given a default job in the Employees section of TimeIPS (Employees >> Employees >> Employment tab). Once they appear on the list, their default job can be changed from their current Default Membership tab.




Membership Tab

Each job can be assigned a specific set of employees. 


NOTE: Only active employees appear in this list. If an employee needs to be reactivated, select "Yes" Employeed from the Employees Employement tab.



Membership Restrictions Tab

The job can be restricted to allow only certain employees to clock in to that job.


Clocked In Tab

This tab provides a quick view of employees clocked into the job, as well as members and default members who are not clocked into this job.

Default Members appear bold and italic, where as regular members do not.

The View Violation History link provides the same coverage violation report as mentioned in the Coverage section above.



Allocations Tab

The Allocations tab allows you to allocate the employee's time into categories. Allocations are commonly used in conjuction with grants and are generally displayed on custom reports or custom payroll to show the proportion of time worked in different areas.

NOTE: This feature requires the IPSBRD module.



Modifications Tab

From the Modifications tab, you can set up job reassignment and a mininum job time.



Tracking Fields Tab

Tracking fields allow employees to provide additional information when clocking in or out.

Leaving these settings blank will have no affect on which tracking fields are visible to the employee, but by adding tracking fields here, you are restricting which fields show for employees clocking in to or clocking out of this job.




Display Options allow you to customize the Jobs table.




To filter the list below, enter a value in one or more of the following fields and press Search. Use * for a wildcard. Fields left blank will not be used in filtering the list.

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