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Applies to versions: 3.2

Piecework Import/Export

Piecework Import/Export provides you the option to export piecework data to a spreadsheet file. The data can then optionally be edited and imported back into the system. This is useful to make large numbers of changes at one time.

The following import and export instructions are available for review.


Using the left pane Main Menu » Administration, click on: Piecework » Import/Export





By exporting Piecework, Piecework Event Entries, Pay Rates, or Membership, you create a template file to either fill in the necessary information or rename the field labels in your existing spreadsheet of information.

  1. Export the information to create a template.
    • Select the type of data to Export: Piecework, Piecework Event Entries, Pay Rates, or Membership.
    • Optionally, select the Export Range. To filter the results by date, check the box then choose either a predefined or custom time range.  
      • Use the drop down menu to select a predefined range, such as "This week", "Last Month", and the current and last completed periods for your configured payroll types.  You can use this selector to quickly access the most commonly used time ranges.
      • You can also select a custom date range using the From and To fields. Click on the field to display a calendar and then select the date. This field can also be edited in place so just click in the box and type over the displayed date and time.
    • Piecework

    • Click on the Export Data button.
      TIP: To edit the resulting .csv file, we recommend a spreadsheet application such as Excel™ or OpenOffice Calc.

  2. Adjust the spreadsheet as necessary.
    • If you already have a spreadsheet of the information you wish to import, open your existing spreadsheet and manipulate the column headers to match the field labels in the template you created in step 1.
    • If you do not already have a spreadsheet of the information you wish to import, enter the information into the template file you created in step 1.
  3. Save the spreadsheet file of the information you wish to import as a Comma Separated (CSV) file.
  4. Import the Information into TimeIPS.
    • If you make changes to the .csv file and would like those changes to take effect in TimeIPS®, use the "Piecework Import" function below.






Use the Import feature when there are a large number of changes that need to be made at one time. If you wish to create your own file instead of using an exported template, view the detailed Piecework, Piecework Event Entries, Piecework Pay Rates, and Piecework Membership instructions page.

  1. Once the file is created, click on the Browse button and navigate to the CSV file to be imported.
  2. Piecework

  3. If you have created a preprocessor and would like to use it, select it from the Import Preprocessor drop-down menu. See the Import Preprocessors article for instructions.
  4. Check the MIcrosoft Excel Compatibility box if you are using Microsoft Excel to modify the import file and you receive errors about "incorrect number of columns".
  5. Click on the Import button.


  7. To continue with the import, click the Accept button. To abort the import, click on the Cancel button.


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